Blue Death [Thriller Short Story]

By Luz | blacklux | 23 May 2019

"Didn't you knew? When the king's crown flowers get blue death is near."

Those words echoed in my head for years. When I was a kid my neighbor Juancho used to tell us stories about the king's crown flowers, for some reason those things only appeared in my town and nowhere else in the world. People used to tell a thousand stories about how those flowers started to bloom, tales about war and victory that made the youngsters wish to be enlisted in the army. That wasn't the case of Juancho, he only knew one story, a creepy one that made us felt scared of those tiny flowers and that fear grew up enormously after Juancho's death. His mother, Dolores went mad after he passed away. She kept saying "the blue flowers" but no one believed her... after all, flowers can't kill.

I've been away from this town for 15 years and even tho I promised myself to never come back here I am, the death of my aunt Casilda brought me here... she was all I had left of my family. The town is still covered in those damned flowers, I always hated them. Maybe unconsciously I blamed them for the death of my childhood friend. Walking down the plaza I heard a song I used to sing when I was little "Blue is the color, blue is the soul, blue is the monster with big horns. Don't try to hide, you can't escape. Flowers are blue, they will fill you with pain". It was like a chanting, it made my body tremble in fear cause I knew something bad was about to happen.

After the funeral started to rain heavily so I got no other choice than to stay at my aunt's home. It was a really bad idea. Ten minutes before 11 pm I heard a cry so I walked the old house searching until I saw it... Juancho was in the kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes, he died almost 20 years ago and yet he was in front of me! "They are blue, the king's crown flowers are blue. Death is near. Run, Ellie, run!"


I looked through the window and there they were, all blue covered in a thick mist... the flowers went from pink to blue. The air turned cold and thick, I felt dizzy and light headed. "The game its starting, run!" said Juancho. I ran outside the house, it was raining too heavily I couldn't see what was in front of me. I heard voices calling out for me, it was all dark and I was scared! A lighting revealed a terrific creature in front of me, I couldn't saw its face very good but it had big horns and yellow eyes and it was coming for me! I went inside the house and grabbed a knife, when that thing came inside the house I stabbed it! I kept stabbing until it stopped moving and then I heard a screaming, another creature was in front of me screaming. That evil creature run towards me and kicked me out of the way, then tried to revive his pal but I wasn't going to let that happen! "Kill them, Ellie! kill the creatures!" screamed Juancho to me over and over again. I jumped on the back of the second creature, that thing was too strong but not very smart. We fought and fought... we ended up destroying everything in the living room... but I won, I kill that bastard. I kill it!

Before I realized I was surrounded by them. Many creatures, all of them wanting to eat my soul, all of them screaming, all of them attacking me. They were demons, evil spirits summoned by the flowers to destroy humans cause they need our souls to live! They eat our souls! They kept coming at me but in the end I killed them all! I emerged victorious! The blue flowers couldn't take my soul away. I beat the king's crown flowers in their sinister game, they can't hurt me like they did to Juancho! I avenged my friend!

"I see... you can go back to your room now, Ellie".
"Doctor Louise, how's that wacko Ellie Brown?"
"Sorry detective but you won't be able to put her in jail. She have schizophrenia and in her delusions she killed 10 people thinking they were demons. she need medical treatment, not a jail!"
"Doctor, that woman is a damned psycho! When we found her she was covered in blood and blue flowers. She should be in a high security place not here!"
"Excuse me but I have to see other patients".

As the doctor walked into her office she noticed a weird aroma she had never smelled before. On top of her desktop were a bouquet of blue king's crown flowers. A thin pale boy was standing next to her, someone she never saw before at the hospital. "Didn't you knew? When the king's crowns flowers get blue death is near".... Then a voice she recognize started to sing "Blue is the color, blue is the soul, blue is the monster with big horns. Don't try to hide, you can't escape. Flowers are blue, they will fill you with pain... the game is starting doctor Louise, run!"

So today is #TrippyThursday and what is more trippy than a thriller story? Nothing right?! Hope you enjoyed the short story! And before someone ask me, the blue flowers scent caused hallucinations and hysteria. Ellie grew up thinking in the monsters of the blue flower so when she smelled the hallucinogen scent of the flowers she saw what her twisted mind feared the most. That's why she never realized she killed people instead of demons.

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