#BIWAKKITCHEN029- Outdoor companion avalabile on Kickstarter!

#BIWAKKITCHEN029- Outdoor companion avalabile on Kickstarter!

By Biwakkitchen | Biwakkitchen | 30 May 2020

Hello, dear food lovers, adventure seekers, and friends! We are more than happy to announce to you the release of our outdoor cookbook. Over the past year, we've put our heart and soul in experimenting, optimizing and testing new recipes that are perfect for the outdoor kitchen. And while doing so, we lived some unforgettable adventures on the side! Now we've reached the first peak of our hike and our backpacks are already full of colourful, vibrant and vegetarian recipes, that we can't wait to share with you! 


The name of the book? "Experience nature and good food", because that's what we live every day and what we felt when trying to give our passion a name. It's all about the experience, that is what makes it so authentic and different! The outdoor kitchen, does not only appeal to the sense of taste but also you hear the waves breaking in the wild ocean, the woodpecker hammer in the shadowy woods, see the milky way sparkling above your head, lightening your way, smell the delicate fragrance of freshly picked herbs crushed in your fingers and all of it while a great meal is cooking on the crackling campfire, which is warming your skin.


What to expect? As we are neither chefs nor authors this isn't a classical cookbook. But a cookbook that is thought to fit into every backpack and shelf of every van. A cookbook with 40 (and hopefully many more) colourful recipes to jazz up every hiking and camping trip. A cookbook that invites you to explore deeper your own sense of taste. A cookbook that encourages to encounter serenity in harmony with mother nature.

Moreover, the cookbook gives you a guideline of how to build the perfect campfire, and explains the essential that spices, which we always carry along. We also call them our treasuries, cause often it is the spices that bring other ingredients to live. Also, you'll encounter a bunch of different tips and variations for you to get a successful outdoor cooking adventure.



Give. We knew, with this project we want to give something back to our beautiful planet. After some thought, we found the best way to do so is by planting trees, as they are the lungs of our home and a wonderful present to "give" to any outdoor lover buying our cookbook. Besides, we had a devastating storm two years ago that cut down countless trees. So, to make this happen, we got in contact with the department of forestry of South Tyrol, which will help us to realize the project.   

So, check out our Kickstarter Campagne -->




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