Minephone WX - Produce Up to 2 ETH per month - NO electricity fees

Minephone WX - Produce Up to 2 ETH per month - NO electricity fees

By chrispop | Bitwings Fans | 30 Sep 2019

The MinePhone Wings WX has been born through a partnership between WingsMobile & its cryptocurrency, Bitwings and a technological startup specialized in protocols and new crypto mining technologies named NeoBit.

Thus a new consensus algorithm has been created - "Proof Of Data (PoD)" - the block validation protocol confers minephone users the ability to mine up to 2 ETH per month.

I'm sure that most of you crypto geeks out there ask yourself how is that possible and what are the costs associated with this amazing perk of the WX. Well, if you follow me along in the next lines you will find all the intricacies of this protocol.

Proof Of Data Block Validation Protocol

I will try to explain the technical details of the PoD protocol as simple as I can so you don't get lost. So at the base of the PoD validation protocol there are 2 components: an algorithm (DDR) and a Smart Contract. Through the DDR and an active contract, the MinePhone WX receives Ethereum from the Wings Mine Pool every day, depending on the connection time and the number of data exchanged with it.

DDR Algorithm - a protocol with a registered patent connected to the Wings Mine Pool which requests and validates data with the help of the Smart Contract I've mentioned above.

Wings Mine Pool - consists of a mining farm located in Ukraine

For a better understanding below you have graphical representation of the PoD validation protocol:



Why would you use MinePhone WX (PoD) instead of the classical hardware choice (PoW)?

- Well... I believe there is nothing to say more than the table below:




* 1 Ethereum = $168 to 3th April 2019
** Best offer available on the web

To break down the above MinePhone WX price plan - you are esentially paying $1000-$1200 (6000 BWN equivalent) for the phone(hardware) and up to 13 ETH for the mining plan that grants you 1000 MH/s in hashing power for 3 years.

You can use the Etherscan mining calculator and you'll see for yourself that currently with 1000 MH/s you will mine around 2 ETH per month. That means you can get back your investment in around 6-7 months and you still remain with the phone and another 2 years and 3-4 months of active mining contract. How cool is that?

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on an iPhone and accessories when you can put your money to work and secure a nice monthly daily income - because your earnings are disbursed to your wallet on a daily basis.



Minephone WX Features

Speaking of the phone let's talk a little bit about the features and perks of the Minephone WX.

  • Powerful Chipset with Octa Core CPU, ARM-Mali GPU, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity
  • Camera: Samsung 16 MP + 8 MP Rear; Sony 16 MP + 8 MP Front
  • Our cutting-edge software combines the photographs taken of the two cameras and the results are 98 MP photographs!
  • Long-lasting 5000mAh battery, Fast charging - 45 minutes

I couldn't fit all the specifications here, but trust me, this phone looks and feels like top smartphone, you don't need to spend a fortune on it and it produces Ethereum! What can you wish more for?

Wings Mobile has spent a lot of resources on security and privacy development. We all know all the talks and noises in the media that applications are spying on us. Well.. MinePhone WX comes with Wings Guardian™, a revolutionary security system that checks in real time if other applications installed or Trojans use the microphone or the inbuilt camera without the consent of the user. 

Besides this the phone comes with a suite of products built with the user's privacy and security in mind:

  • WINGS Secure Call TM - Redefining the VoIP technology
  • WINGS Play Store™ - The ultimate user-friendly app store
  • WINGS Second Number™ - Easing the task of managing phone calls effectively
  • WINGS Suite™ - Enabling the effortless switching between devices
  • WINGS World Roaming Free™ - Never miss a call when overseas
  • WINGS Phone™ Cyber Protection - Conquering the world of cyber threats
  • WINGS Safe Core - Shielding crypto transactions across blockchain networks

You can find all the MinePhone Wings WX details and PRE-ORDER it on the following website: https://minephone.bitwings.org

Lastly you may be asking what is Bitwings

Bitwings (BWN) is the official cryptocurrency of WingsMobile, the company that produces the MinePhone WX ™.

Even if Bitwings (BWN) value is based on the economy of the WingsMobile company, similar to how the USD fiat currency is based on the USA economy, BWN is an utility token and not a security token. Esentially a token is classified as a security if the investor makes a profit due to the purchase of the token while it is classified as a utility token if the investors purchase the token to be utilized for a service offered by the company.

Bitwings is offering their world-class services only to those who own BWN so obviously it is a UTILITY token.

  •  The Minephone - the premier phone that can mine 2 ETH per month, purchasable with a 6000 BWN expense
  •  Secure Call Technology - Wings Secure Call grants a triple level of security for an end-to-end protection between users. This means NO data is being exposed to third parties while making calls through the VoIP technology. This is a 100% PRIVACY feature that is purchasable only with BWN tokens

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MinePhone WX ™ is created exclusively for the BITWINGS ICO and is available to preorder only to ICO participants. 

You can participate in the ICO through this webpage, but hurry up because they have a 15% discount offer so you can buy 1 BWN for only $0.17: https://tokensale.bitwings.org/register

IEO: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/BWN/3

Bitwings in the media:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor, so please do your own research before investing in any endeavour. This is my honest review of the MinePhone WX - a revolutionary mobile phone.


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