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A One at BAT to Higher Heights - Technical Analysis - Rocket fuel

3 days ago chrispop $5.49 (1,683.2889 BNTY)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) has been creating waves in the crypto space recently. Together with their revolutionary BRAVE browser they are aiming to transform the actual ecosystem of digital advertising.  "The token can be used to obtain a variety of...

A Giant Is Emerging - Supply and Demand - A Fundamental and Practical Perspective on Stratis

1 week ago chrispop $3.61 (1,107.6776 BNTY)

In this article I want to approach the fundamental value of STRAT and why exactly I am so optimist about its future. I am going to dive into pretty much all the factors that are going to make an impact on the underlying value of STRAT. I suggest you...

Mission Stratosphere - STRAT Price Action Overview

1 week ago chrispop $7.12 (2,183.4180 BNTY)

I'll start right off with a fundamental analysis of Stratis. In the last months we have seen almost all their products launched in production-ready releases and are now starting to gain some real traction and receive some serious attention from big c...