CurioInvest - Investment Platform Enables Investors Earnings to Invest in High Quality Assets

CurioInvest - Investment Platform Enables Investors Earnings to Invest in High Quality Assets

By Saya | Bitsana | 6 Sep 2019

Hello everyone. i'll write cryptologic articles known as CurioInvest for additional details, i'll discuss them below what's object Invest? CurioInvest is an internet investment platform that permits investors of all financial gain levels to speculate in valuable assets. Cars which will be assembled systematically square measure among the foremost effective different quality categories, however to this point the market has been viable just for elite investors. CurioInvest uses blockchain to disrupt the trade, permitting tiny investors to exploit the paid automobile market. it's conjointly a perfect chance for crypto investors to diversify their exposure by finance in tokens that square measure supported by tangible assets.




What is CurioInvest?  

CurioInvest offers a simple platform to invest in premium collection cars. The expert team of CurioInvest selects vehicles based on their investment potential. The purchase price of the cars will be funded by crowdfunding through the sale of "car tokens" to investors on the platform. Buying license plates gives you the right to participate in any profit when the vehicle is resold. In addition, you can diversify your portfolio by buying tokens in multiple cars.    In this way, you can invest in the virtual garage of your dreams that is backed by material assets from the real world. As I said, the team that has developed this project has many years of experience in the collection truck market, as well as working directly with Mechatronik GmbH (an organization dedicated to providing quality expertise). In addition, the CurioInvest team has extensive experience trading collectibles, which means a high investment grade level. In addition, the team has a number of other high quality partnerships that can effectively manage all other principles of CurioInvest.      


How does it work  

The CurioInvest expert team is looking for rare collectible vehicles in the investment class. We only choose cars at competitive prices whose value can increase over time. You can invest in a particular car by buying car tokens. All key vehicle information is available on the CurioInvest platform (including the vehicle history, current market prices for comparable vehicles and related media such as videos and photos).   If the car is resold, you will make a profit if the value of the car goes up. If you want to make a withdrawal before selling the car, you can also sell your tokens to other investors.  


The vision of CurioInvest Invest is to give everyone the opportunity to invest in and benefit from collectable cars. Through the tokenization of investment grade vehicles, CurioInvest will open up the collector car market to thousands of new investors. The CurioInvest team has a proven track record in profitable investment grade vehicle trading at Mercuria Helvetica AG, and has teamed with Mechatronik GmbH to provide the expertise needed to stock and maintain the vehicles. Through such partnerships, CurioInvest can cost-effectively manage the entire life cycle of the investment and leverage economies of scale.   The goal of CurioInvest is to become the world's leading platform for buying and trading of collectable securities brands.  


As for the advantages of this system over the classic collector car market, everything is much easier than you might think at first glance:

  • First, thanks to its asset tokenization, CurioInvest can provide liquidity to the client's assets. And also to exclude additional, so-called "rebate" losses in the form of 20/30% overpayments;
  • Second, the presence of the token system in CurioInvest enables all collectible car lovers to diversify their risks associated with investing in these types of assets. Therefore, by sharing your capital equally between two different cars;
  • Third, thanks to the Blockchain network, the CurioInvest platform provides all users with an independent, reliable, secure and transparent environment. Where users will be able to eliminate such negative aspects of the traditional collector car market, such as bureaucracy, high fees, limited entry threshold, the absence of any other conditions, as well as a range of intermediaries who would also like to hijack your tidbits from one of your own transactions.

In addition, the benefits of CurioInvest do not end here. Because the most important thing at the moment is that the creation of CurioInvest is nothing but a logically correct solution for the existing subsidiary of CurioInvest Mercuria Helvetica AG. In turn, it has a large number of partnerships with such large automotive companies as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and more than 500 other rare car collection brands.  



Why CurioInvest?  

Curio Invest has a good position for the following reasons:

  1. Curio Invest does not start from scratch. A subsidiary of Curio Invest Mercuria Helvetica AG has established long-term relationships with many leading automotive companies, including Pagani, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. Thus, Curio Invest has access to more than 500 rare collectible cars, which provides exclusive investment opportunities from the first day.
  2. Curio Invest has developed a proven operating model for managing the entire life cycle of automotive investments. Curio Invest has established contacts with car service companies, insurance companies and tax-free physical storage providers.
  3. CurioInvest has established legal entities in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Switzerland offers a stable regulatory environment and investor-friendly laws, and the Liechtenstein base allows CurioInvest to legally sell security tokens in the European Economic Area, which includes all 28 EU member states and three EEA EFTA member states: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Switzerland has become a global center for blockchain innovation, ensuring that CurioInvest will have direct access to the right technical talent to expand its business.
  4. The CurioInvest team and its partners are made up of experts with a proven track record in the automotive, IT, financial and investment industries.

Asset Tokenization  

Tokenization is the creation of a digital asset and the registration of its rights on the blockchain. CurioInvest is the link between the physical and the digital; Bridging the gap between beautiful collectibles and the digital token on Ethereum. CurioInvest provides investors with a simple, intelligent and convenient way to purchase expensive collectibles. Relying on the legal system of the blockchain of the Liechtenstein novel and the unauthorized Ethereum blockchain, you can now invest in beautiful cars in just a few clicks.  

Invest with CurioInvest

  • Access to many rare vintage and hypercars
  • No additional fees from intermediaries
  • Peer token exchange


CurioInvest will take advantage of recent regulatory developments in Liechtenstein, which provide the blockchain sector with a stable legal framework. For each vehicle indicated on the platform, CurioInvest will register the asset related STO directly with the Liechtenstein financial regulator, FMA. Each security asset will be assigned an ISIN that meets EU requirements.

CurioInvest Team


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