Get $100 Completely Free. AIRDROP of Dukascopy. NOT FOR US

Hello everyone! Do you want to know how to get $100 completely free without any investment? Is it hard to believe that it's possible? But still this is true! And opportunities like this don't happen too often, usually videos like that are clickbait and there’s like a ton of extra conditions that nobody talks about.

Unfortunately this won’t work in some countries and not in United States.

I know how it is, I was there. You find a video with a statement that it will teach you to earn $60 per minute. Then it turns out that you need to put your money down, because it's the only way to make it work for you. But then “don’t worry” - you are told - “it will pay off very fast”.

Then you go and invest, buy some services that supposed to help, but they don’t help.

Sure, you have some results here and there, but the investment does not pay off. And you loose your money.

In this article you will learn the exact steps on how to get 5 crypto coins in 5 minutes that are worth $10 right now. And who knows what they will be worth in the future. Also, what to do to multiply these coins by 5, 10 or even many more times.




This is when the company called Dukascopy Bank comes into play. It's founded in 2004 and is a Swiss online bank specialized in online and mobile trading, banking and financial services. Dukascopy Bank has three subsidiaries: Dukascopy Europe IBS AS (European licensed brokerage company based in Riga), Dukascopy Japan (Type-1 licensed broker located in Tokyo) and SIA Dukascopy Payments (European licensed payment and e-money company incorporated in Riga).

The Group’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Deal

The deal is that Dukas offer you 5 DUK+ coins just for registration using a user referral code. This is done very easily, you just need to download the "Dukascopy Connect 911" mobile app, open it, provide your phone number and submit the verification code . Then provide the referral or in other words - friends code when asked. You can use this code: YFR-EUA

When this is done, click on the “Bank” icon, fill out the registration form using ID card or Passport and you will be ready for the video identity verification which is needed to ensure you are a legit person with a real and legit ID document. Please note to pass the Video-Identification your passport or ID must have a Machine Readable Zone.

During video identification process you will be asked about your name and birth date. You will also be asked to show your ID on camera to ensure you are a legit person. After a successful video verification you will wait a couple of hours for the approval. When you are approved you will receive 5 DUK+ coins which as of now are worth about $10.

What To Do?

At this point you should decide whether to choose a HODLer strategy and keep the coins or exchange them for fiat and withdraw the money with a fee of 1.5 EUR + 2.5% to your card, which can be linked in the mobile application. The linking for me didn’t work in the app, but it worked with online bank (


Take in mind that Ducaskopy has so called "First Dukascoin Transaction Fee" that is 4.75 EUR which is taken on your first coin exchange. If you send the coins to someone, you need to pay this first fee anyway. Maybe it is a good idea to hold the coin and invite more friends to have 20 or 50 DUK+ coins for withdrawal. Or wait for better price with the rice of cryptocurrencies.

You can also order a virtual or a real Visa card, but those will cost $7 and $15 respectively.

Now you can scale by inviting more friends, so to get $100 you just need 15 friends to sign up using your referral code. Why 15? Because starting with 6th friend that you invite there will be another fee of 2.5 DUK+ and you receive only 2.5 DUK+

The app user interface is a bit weird but it’s still possible to get used to.

Let me know your experience with Dukascopy, are they providing good service for you? Are you satisfied?

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