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Presearch Keyword Staking - Will it be a success?

By nikkel5 | Bitnili | 28 May 2020

So I've been a fan of Presearch ever since I read an article about it here on Publish0x. Disliking Google and all of its tracking cross the internet, I really was in search of something else to use as a search engine. Being a fan from this point on I bought myself some PRE on Kucoin ( I think is the best possible and trustworthy option to buy PRE tokens right now and I transferred my newly acquired tokens to my receiving address in my Presearch account.

Keyword Staking

Checking out all of the options in my account I discovered the option of Keyword Staking. Basically this means:

  • You brainstorm on what you think could be a popular subject people are searching for online 
  • Stake your PRE tokens on this subject
  • Write a tempting text to convince people to click on your ad
  • Add a link to a website of your choice (one of your referral links)
  • And make sure you have PRE to outbid someone else (if this subject has already been staked)

Here is a link to more explanation on how it works exactly: What is Keyword Staking?

I really liked the idea of creating an ad which could lead to more traffic to one of my referral links and maybe earning myself some more tokens. The subject I staked was reasonably popular...after one week I had 76 people who had searched for it. But traffic on my link. I only got 1 hit on the ad, which was actually me testing if the ad worked.

What is the problem here

So nobody clicked on my ad. Quite disappointing as I thought this could just be a gold mine for more referral bonus. But why did nobody click on my ad? I know it's quite a populair subject a the moment and that was proved by the 76 hits on the term. Something must be wrong then perhaps by the way the ad is showing on the page.

Here is an example of an ad I found by searching for Binance

Searching for Binance on Presearch

There are 2 ways to you can perceive this:

  • The ad doesn't stand out from the actual search results. It actually looks quite shabby and doesn't have a special design. My first thought was that it could really use a make-over. An option for you as an advertiser to pimp your ad so it'll attract more attention. I sent Presearch a question if they could facilitate this in the near future (no answer yet)
  • The second way to perceive this is that you don't want to make it into a really glossy pimped ad, because everybody hates ads and pop-ups. 

This is how it probably works right now. But maybe it would be for the best to get of the heading 'Web results'. That way the ads would look more like one of the search results and you'll probably get more hits on your ad. 

I really think Presearch found a great tool and a usable product, but I'm in doubt if will work the way it's working right now. What has your experience been with Keyword Staking till now?


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