EVMOS 2.0 - the way up?

By nikkel5 | Bitnili | 23 Aug 2023

In the beginning Evmos was open-source and free to use. This led to a lot of forks & negative discourse. With the implementation of the AVMs Non-Commercial License, the Evmos source code will no longer be able to be used for commercial purposes without consent.

The core value proposition of Evmos 2.0 is to bring the EVM into the Cosmos universe using EVM Extensions. So why is this important? Because without them, smart contracts on Evmos can't communicate with non-EVM smart contracts. With EVM Extensions, apps on Evmos can deploy an EVM smart contract and get their access to the main Cosmos functions like staking, voting, and IBC communications.

  • Evmos 2.0 will also include:
  • Dynamic IBC
  • An upgrade of the tokenomics
  • New Licensing
  • Evmos as a new brand with a new vision for the future

One of the nicest new features of Evmos 2.0 is that you could liquid stake by using @stride_zone on Evmos through MetaMask. This might bring a lot more traffic.

  • Evmos 2.0 also brings some new partnerships like:
  • @tashi_finance
  • @stride_zone
  • @forgeDEX
  • @pangolindex

Evmos is still on its way to their goal of merging the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. And I'm still buying more to DCA in.

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