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VACCine is a Cryptocurrency for Improving the Health of People

By | CryptoGeeks | 1 Nov 2021


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be implemented in various sectors globally, for example in the health sector, cryptocurrency can be used as a digital asset that can push the health sector in a better direction and allow people to make transactions more efficiently and securely. And not only that, cryptocurrency can also create an economic system that makes the health sector more innovative and modern, allowing all participants in it to benefit from the existing economic system.

Cryptocurrencies using the DeFi protocol allow people to earn passive income and at the same time help others through their transactions. Like the solution offered by VACCine, which is a decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency focused on improving the health of people throughout the world. The solution brought by VACCine is a cryptocurrency that allows people to maximize their income and at the same time participate in the donation program organized by VACCine. It is a good mix of cryptocurrency and a donation program for global health.


Cryptocurrency For Health

With the DeFi protocol, it will be possible for cryptocurrencies to be able to help others in need in the health sector. The DeFi protocol allows people to maximize their income and at the same time participate in the donation program it provides. This is an innovative and effective way to get people interested in participating in donation programs and helping those in need. Because in this way, people can not only donate but can also earn additional income from the various DeFi features provided. This is the approach taken by VACCine to be able to foster people's interest in participating in helping others, especially in the global Health sector. The VACCine will be a cryptocurrency that can be used by people to maximize their income by being more innovative and modern with various DeFi features provided. And at the same time, they can also participate in the donation program provided by VACCine for those in need.

Later VACCine will allocate the funds for providing free vaccines of all kinds to the fewer privileges, orphans and remote villages, and also VACCine will allocate most of the funds for further vaccine research projects and donation programs in various charitable organizations globally. All of this will be done transparently and securely that users can check.


VACCine Features

The VACCine is a cryptocurrency that was launched to become a cryptocurrency that will support the global health sector. The features offered by VACCine enable users to make transactions more secure, just like other cryptocurrencies. By launching on multiple chains, VACCine will be available on BSC and ETH protocols that users can access and store via their digital wallets. But that's not all, there are several other features of VACCine:

  • Locked in Liquidity Pool: VACCine will allocate 7% of supply to the liquidity pool. By allocating a supply of 7% to the liquidity pool, it allows the base price of VACCine to be stronger and allows the price of VACCine to increase in the future.
  • To Partners: to be able to increase the development of VACCine in the future, VACCine plans to allocate more than 15% to partners who will later make a partner a maximum holding cap of 0.6%-0.75% of total supply per partner.
  • To the Needy: and lastly, VACCine will allocate 20% of the supply to charitable organizations in need. The mechanism is that this 20% will be locked and 1% per month will be released to the selected destination. In this way, it allows distribution to be more efficient and transparent.



Users globally can earn VACCine tokens more easily through supported exchange platforms. As previously explained, the VACCine token will be launched on BSC and ETH which has the same functionality as other cryptocurrencies with the DeFi protocol. Users who hold VACCine tokens have the opportunity to be able to get these tokens at a low price and sell them at a high price because along with the development the price of the VACCine token will also increase.


To conclude

Cryptocurrencies can be implemented in various sectors globally, especially in the health sector, cryptocurrencies can be used as digital assets that will support the creation of an inclusive and dynamic economic system that benefits all participants. And VACCine is here as a decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency that will allow holders to maximize their profits and also enable global human health to improve. With the DeFi solution, it is possible for VACCine to allocate the supply of total tokens efficiently and transparently. The VACCine token will distribute free vaccines of all kinds to people in need and will also help with vaccine research more deeply and donate to charitable organizations in need. VACCine has the vision to become a cryptocurrency that can not only provide profit to users but also improve the health of people globally.


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