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Transhuman Coin is a Human-oriented Token

By | CryptoGeeks | 4 Nov 2021


Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary thing in this decade. With the various features offered by cryptocurrencies, it allows people to get a decentralized payment system that can facilitate user transactions more quickly, efficiently, and securely. Cryptocurrency is basically a digital asset that can be implemented in various sectors globally. Especially at this time, cryptocurrencies are getting easier to be adopted by global platforms.

Cryptocurrencies with the DeFi protocol allow people to be able to get a digital asset that can provide profits for them. With the various features available, users can maximize their income more easily. This is what Transhuman Coin offers, namely a BSC-based token that will provide many benefits to users. Transhuman Coin is a token that focuses on humanity, so when users have Transhuman Coin, it is the same as participating in donations to help those in need.


Cryptocurrency for Humanity

The DeFi protocol is an innovation that was developed to be able to present users with a financial protocol that will provide users with freedom and many benefits. This protocol, allows users to swap their tokens faster, earn passive income, and do many other things. And not only that, this protocol also allows developers to be able to set allocations for various things on their tokens, for example, 10% transaction fees are used for liquidity, 10% for donations, etc. In this way, developers can provide profits to users and at the same time donate to those in need. And this is what Transhuman Coin has to offer, namely a token launched for humanity. Transhuman Coin is a human-oriented token that not only provides profit to its holders but also donates to those in need. Transhuman Coin works by allocating transaction fees for various things, which will be very useful for the sustainability of Transhuman Coin in the future.

Transhuman Coin has a focus on becoming a token that will not only provide profit to its holders but also help those in need such as donating to research and projects which are fighting diseases, disabilities and death through science and technology, so that by having Transhuman Coin, indirectly the holder has contributed to humanity.


Transhuman Coin Features

Transhuman Coin is a token launched for humanity globally. The features offered by Transhuman Coin enable users to be able to get rewards by just holding this token. Users will get rewards according to their participation, the more tokens they hold, the more rewards they will receive. But that's not all, there are several other features of Transhuman Coin:

  • Sent To Liquidity Pool: 2% of every transaction will be automatically allocated to the liquidity pool. This is done to strengthen the price floor of Transhuman Coin.
  • Redistributed To holders: as previously explained, users will be rewarded for holding only Transhuman Coins. This is obtained from 2% of each transaction and this plan will also be sent to the Transhuman Fund Wallet.
  • Sent to Marketing Wallet: and in order to promote Transhuman Coin to a larger audience, 2% of each transaction will be allocated to the marketing wallet for marketing purposes.
  • Charity: and for donations, it is planned that every user transaction will be subject to tax which this tax will be used for donations. Later the donation report will be reported to users.



Transhuman Coins can be obtained by users easily through supported exchange platforms. Transhuman Coin is a utility token that can be used by users like other BSC-based tokens. Later users can use Transhuman Coin for transactions, staking, or just for investment, because Transhuman Coin is a long-term project and has a bright future, so in the future, it is possible that the price of this token will increase and it will provide profits to those who buy these tokens at a low price.


To conclude

Cryptocurrencies with the DeFi protocol allow developers to be able to allocate fees for each transaction of their tokens for various purposes, such as for user rewards, donations, etc. In this way, it is possible for holders of tokens to get rewards and at the same time donate to those in need. And Transhuman Coin is here as a token that will provide rewards and at the same time allow users to donate to humanity. Transhuman Coin is a token launched for humanity, where holders can get rewards by simply holding this token and donating to charity. The plan is that Transhuman Coin will donate to research and projects such as fighting disease, disability, etc. With a solution like this, Transhuman Coin not only rewards users but also helps those in need globally.


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BTT Profile:;u=3121416
Telegram: @bitloca

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