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Synthetix is ​​an Ethereum based protocol for the issuance of synthetic assets. This allows people to trade synthetic, not the actual asset. Simply put, like synthetic token can bring a real USD on-chain. However, traders do not own the underlying asset but get the same exposure as trading the original asset. If you've heard of digital assets like USDT, USDC, or TUSD, then these are synthetic assets that are fully or partially backed by real USD. Now many people have used synthetic assets to trade commodities or currencies in the crypto market such as Synthetix's sXAU (gold) or other synthetic assets.

Talking about synthetic assets, maybe you will be interested in Token Exchange Synthetic. Token Exchange Synthetic or TES for short is an ecosystem that allows users to trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation. This is a universal set of financial instruments that aims to increase the profitability of users' investment without requiring KYC procedures or other complicated things.



Synthetic Exchange Token

If you are a trader, you must know the function of leverage. Most traders use leverage to maximize their return on risk capital. That is also what Token Exchange Synthetic offers, providing zero liquidation risk using leveraged trading. TES allows users to maximize the return on their investment using leverage. TES provides synthetic asset pairs that are tokenized to Ethereum without the risk of liquidation. All pairs provided by TES have collateral sources controlled by liquidators.

TES designed a mechanism that allows the system to run without a counterparty because the liquidator and "LONG" tokens are the natural counterparty of the "SHORT" token. TES provides zero risks of liquidation, meaning that it allows liquidity not to be affected by any sharp price movements because the mechanism has been designed in such away.

Token holders who participate in liquidity will receive rewards for their participation. They will get commission distribution from buying and selling digital assets. And users don't have to worry because TES maintains indices, commodities, and assets with a decentralized oracle.



TES Features

TES is a platform that allows users to trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation. At TES, users can trade leveraged synthetic assets without the need for complicated KYC procedures. TES is supported by Chainlinkn oracle which means TES supports leverage with any pairs on the Chainlink feed. But that's not all, here are the features of TES:

  • Staking: Users can stake their tokens on the TES platform to earn commissions from the entire TES ecosystem.

  • Liquidity: The user can provide liquidity to one pair of assets to get a commission from one pair of assets.

  • Profitability: Users can increase the return on their investment with various financial instruments provided by TES.

  • Security: Users don't need to worry about the security of TES, because TES pays special attention to the security of the platform.

  • Cross-platform: Users can access the TES platform from various devices, such as Android or PC.



TESs token

TESs is a native token of the TES platform which has a role as a share of the TES ecosystem. It is planned that TESs will be launched with a total supply of 10 million tokens. Users can stake their TESs tokens to get a distribution of commissions from the entire TES ecosystem. Because the TES platform runs centrally, TESs will not act as a governance token.


To conclude

Synthetic assets are digital assets that have the same exposure as real assets. An example of a synthetic asset is Synthetix's sXAU (gold), which allows you to trade gold on-chain without actually owning the real asset. Now several platforms in the crypto market have offered synthetic asset trading services to global users. And Token Exchange Synthetic is one of the platforms that adopt this protocol. In TES, it allows users to trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation. This is a set of financial instruments that allow users to increase the profitability of their investments without having to do KYC procedures or other complicated things.


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