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Gold is a precious metal used in many sectors globally. Gold is used as jewellery, supports global currencies, electronics, and many other functions. Because of its very important role in various sectors, making gold a valuable metal and its price is stable and even increases from time to time. Investing in gold is the right choice for global investors, especially those who want to find a stable investment instrument and have long-term prospects.

But as we know most people today have gold in physical form which is inefficient and prone to be stolen. Therefore, Digital Gold was launched to be a solution for users who want to own gold more safely and more easily. Digital Gold is a digital gold token launched based on ERC-20 Ethereum which has the same functions as other cryptocurrencies. By having Digital Gold, it's the same as having gold, but in digital form.


Digital Gold Token

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be adopted by many sectors globally. For example, in the financial sector, cryptocurrency can be used as an alternative payment system which is better than traditional payment systems. And not only that, cryptocurrency can also be used to represent gold in digital form. Cryptocurrencies can be used as digital gold because cryptocurrencies cannot be manipulated and hacked by unauthorized parties. So Digital Gold was launched to become a cryptocurrency-based digital gold for global users. With Digital Gold, users can store and make transactions with gold faster, this is because Digital Gold is just like ordinary cryptocurrencies that can be stored in users' digital wallets that support the ERC-20 protocol. With this, users can store and make transactions more secure and faster.

Users don't have to worry when they invest in Digital Gold, because Digital Gold is 100% backed by physical gold stored in a secure vault that is secured by insurance in Singapore. 1 Digital Gold token is equivalent to 1 gram of gold which can be traded easily on the provided marketplace.


Digital Gold Features

Digital Gold is cryptocurrency-based gold that users can have in their digital wallets. The features offered by Digital Gold, enable users to make transactions and store gold more securely and efficiently compared to physical gold. Users do not need to pay various fees when they have Digital Gold. But that's not all, there are several other features of Digital Gold:

  • High Liquidity: to facilitate user trading more smoothly, Digital Gold has high liquidity which can accommodate many user trades. So users don't have to worry when they want to sell or buy Digital Gold tokens.
  • High Privacy: when owning Digital Gold, the privacy of the user is highly guarded. This is because Digital Gold does not ask for KYC or any data when users buy Digital Gold tokens. And in particular, it is based on decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency.
  • Backed By Physical Gold: users don't have to worry about their Digital Gold token, because Digital Gold is backed directly by physical gold which is secured in a secure vault in Singapore.
  • Long-term investment: gold is an investment instrument that is very suitable for long-term investment. Therefore, by having Digital Gold tokens, users can invest in gold more intelligently and efficiently.



The Digital Gold platform allows users to easily get Digital Gold tokens through the marketplace provided. Digital Gold token is a utility token that has the main function for payments and investments. Since Digital Gold is based on the ERC-20 cryptocurrency, users can store Digital Gold in their digital wallet that supports ERC-20. Digital Gold is the most innovative way to store and invest in gold.


To conclude

Gold is a starting metal used in many sectors around the world. Because of its very important role in modern times like today, making gold as a metal is being targeted by many people and making its price stable in the market. And Digital Gold is here as digital gold based on the ERC-20 cryptocurrency which will offer users a more secure and smarter solution for storing and transacting with gold. Digital Gold is a cryptocurrency-based digital gold 100% backed by physical gold stored in a secure vault and insured in Singapore. 1 Digital Gold token is equivalent to 1 gram of pure gold and users don't have to worry when they have Digital Gold, because proof of ownership of physical gold can be checked on the website. Users can freely trade their Digital Gold tokens to cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH on the provided marketplace. Digital Gold has a goal to become a cryptocurrency-based digital gold that users can rely on globally.


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