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For a long time, humans have used gold for various purposes, such as for jewellery and as currency. However, with the development of technology, the use of gold is increasing, such as for medicine, electronics, and supporting fiat currency. Because of its many uses and very importance in the field of economics and electronics, gold is a precious metal whose price continues to increase from year to year. Therefore, gold is an investment instrument that is very suitable for long-term investment, because the price tends to be stable and increases every year.

Most people today have gold in the physical form whether it is in the form of jewellery or ingots. However, as we all know, gold is a precious metal and is prone to crime, so many people are now storing their gold in digital form. This is what Digital Gold, an ERC-20 stablecoin backed by pure gold has to offer. Having Digital Gold is the same as having physical gold because 1 Digital Gold is equal to 1 gram of 99.99% fine gold. Because it is based on pERC-20, users can store Digital Gold in their digital wallet.


GOLD ERC-20 Stablecoin

ERC-20 is an Ethereum protocol that has been widely adopted by tokens globally. This protocol enables faster, efficient, and secure transactions, so it is suitable to be used as an alternative payment solution. This protocol was adopted by Digital Gold to become a protocol that will secure GOLD tokens. Digital Gold is an ERC-20 based token backed by physical gold. By having Digital Gold, the user is the same as having pure gold. Because it is based on ERC-20, users can store Digital Gold in digital wallets that support the ERC-20 protocol. And users don't have to worry about their security and privacy because as long as users keep their Digital Gold tokens in their wallets and don't give out their private keys to others, the Digital Gold tokens will be safe in their wallets. And for user privacy, Digital Gold is a stablecoin that is perfect for those who care about privacy because users don't need KYC to be able to buy Digital Gold, so they can anonymously own Digital Gold tokens.

Digital Gold is a stablecoin launched specifically for those who want to store or make payments in the form of gold more securely and efficiently. Users can directly make transactions without worrying about their privacy and security and at the same time, users will get a guarantee of protection of their assets from high volatility and loss of value because of the stable gold price.


Digital Gold Features

Digital Gold is an ERC-20 based gold that is used for stores and transactions using gold more efficiently and intelligently. The features offered by Digital Gold, enables users to have digital gold backed by physical gold that is secured in a vault and insured in Singapore. But that's not all, there are several other features of Digital Gold:

  • High Privacy: Users do not need to KYC or provide identity when buying Digital Gold, this is because Digital Gold is ERC-20 based so transactions can be carried out anonymously through the secure Ethereum network.
  • Long Term Investment: Having Digital Gold is the same as having physical gold which is perfect for those who want to invest long term in gold.
  • High Liquidity: Users don't have to worry about liquidity from Digital Gold, because when users buy Digital Gold tokens, Digital Gold will buy physical gold in the number of tokens purchased by the user. So that when users want to sell or buy Digital Gold, liquidity will always be available.
  • No Fees: When users buy Digital Gold tokens, they will not be charged any fees. However, fees on the Ethereum network will still apply.



Digital Gold was launched under the name GOLD. The GOLD token will be launched on the Ethereum Network with ERC-20 protocols with the main function as a utility token, this means the GOLD token will be used mostly for transactions or investment instruments. GOLD tokens are launched with an unlimited supply, meaning that the supply of GOLD tokens will follow requests from users, the more requests, the more tokens will be launched. To be able to get GOLD tokens, users can buy GOLD tokens directly on the provided marketplace.


To conclude

Storing gold in digital form is a smart and wise choice because then gold owners can avoid troublesome things such as theft, safe rental fees, etc. And Digital Gold is here as an ERC-20 stablecoin backed by physical gold which allows people to store or make payments with gold more easily and securely. Because it is based on ERC-20, users can store Digital Gold tokens in any digital wallet that supports the ERC-20 protocol. Users don't have to worry about the liquidity, security and privacy of Digital Gold, because Digital Gold was designed with these aspects in mind so that users can own Digital Gold tokens safely and anonymously. Digital Gold aims to become the standard for global digital gold and make people smarter and more efficient to make transactions or store gold digitally.


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