SCOIN is a PoS BEP20 Under BSC With Upto 100% APR

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 8 May 2021


Initially, bitcoin, which is a popular cryptocurrency, was first designed using a proof of work system, which is a transaction security system using computing power. However, when the cryptocurrency market developed, PoW was considered inefficient because the mining process required a great deal of computing power to operate, therefore proof of stake or PoS was introduced. PoS is a concept whereby a person can mine or validate a block by how many coins they hold. The more coins they hold, the bigger the number of their participation in the network.

Proof of Stake is considered to be the most secure and efficient concept in securing transactions, as offered by StakeCoin, which is the next generation of proof of stake BEP20 tokens built on the Binance platform. With StakeCoin users can start mining using their mobile phone, laptop, or PC, without the need to use expensive equipment.


Proof Of Stake Smart Chain Token

Miners need expensive equipment to be able to mine traditional blockchain coins such as bitcoin, litecoin, etc. In practice, this concept is inefficient and requires a lot of power for mining coins. Miners have to use a PC with VGA or CPU to mine coins, they can't use a mobile phone to mine coins. But StakeCoin is different, this is the next generation of proof of stake BEP20 token in Binance Smart chain that allows anyone to mine using a mobile phone, without the need to use an expensive PC / VPS.

The goal of StakeCoin is to be a platform that will provide a decentralized currency that is extremely fast, secure, and cost-effective for everyone. Allows everyone to stake their tokens and profit from it. The more tokens they stake, the more rewards users will get. Holders can safely stake their tokens without worrying about third parties because StakeCoin is a decentralized platform that is transparent and safe for all users.


StakeCoin Features

StakeCoin is the next generation of proof of stake BEP20 tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. At StakeCoin everyone can mine tokens using their mobile phone, no need to use expensive devices like PC / VPS. Users can stake their tokens and get rewards for their participation. The more tokens they stake, the greater their participation in the network and the greater the rewards they will get. But that's not all, there are still a few other features of StakeCoin:

  • High-Interest Rate: StakeCoin offers high-interest rates to stakers. Users can get an APR of up to 100% with zero hassle.

  • Easy to Buy & Sale: StakeCoin provides an exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell their tokens and get profit from the trades.

  • Blockchain Security: StakeCoin is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain platform whose safety and reliability are unquestionable.



SCOIN stands for StakeCoin which is a utility token that plays a role in the operation and development of StakeCoin. SCOIN was launched based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 11,000,000 SCOIN. Users can stake StakeCoin to earn rewards with an APR of up to 100%. Users can get SCOIN through the pre-sale program that will be held by StakeCoin.


To conclude

Proof of stake is a concept where a person can mine or validate block transactions of how many tokens they hold. The more tokens they hold, the greater the participation in the network. This concept is considered more efficient and better than the Proof of Work concept. And StakeCoin is the next generation of proof of stake BEP20 token in the Binance Smart chain that allows people to mine using only a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. To mine tokens, users only need to stake SCOIN, no need to bother buying expensive equipment. The more SCOINs that stake users, the greater the rewards they will get.


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