Punkcoin is The Most Rebellious Token

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 14 May 2021


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that has grown quite significantly in recent times. Many retail investors are starting to look at cryptocurrencies as their investment instrument, in addition to stocks or currencies. By investing in cryptocurrency, investors have a greater chance of being able to maximize the return on their investment. Because many investors have proven that cryptocurrency can give them higher profits compared to other investment instruments. However, please note that the higher the return you get, the higher the risk that must be accepted by investors. However, there are still many investors who are interested in the cryptocurrency market.

Where Bitcoin and some altcoins are more and more discovered by big institutions, this will be a serious problem in the future, because at any time they can sell their assets and run. Therefore Punkcoin exists as a cryptocurrency that targets private individuals. Punkcoin is inspired by several "rebel" coins in the crypto market, such as CryptoPunks and Bastard Gan Punks (V2). With Punkcoin, private investors can more freely invest in cryptocurrency without being affected by large institutions/whales.


The Rebel Under the Cryptocurrencies

We know that the cryptocurrency market is currently quite popular among retail and non-crypto investors. Even large institutions/companies have started to enter the cryptocurrency market. This has a very positive impact on the development of crypto-currency but it can also have a negative impact on cryptocurrency, because most retail investors, institutions, or large companies can become whales which can affect the prices and price movements of popular cryptocurrencies. This is very unfair and can have a bad impact on private investors. That's why Punkcoin made a "rebel" movement under cryptocurrencies - as a cryptocurrency that only targets private investors. With the presence of Punkcoin, it is hoped that private investors can invest in cryptocurrency safely and comfortably.

Punkcoin has the same design as other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin, but what distinguishes it is the pink color and the line at the top of the P which reflects the style of punk hairstyles, which is unique and different from the others. And another one is black on their whitepaper and website.


Punkcoin Features

Punkcoin is a "rebel" token whose purpose is to serve as a cryptocurrency for private investors. Since this is a cryptocurrency aimed at private investors, obviously it stands for a decentralized finance system, which has the goal of disrupting the global financial ecosystem. Punkcoin is the same as cryptocurrency in general, but what distinguishes it is that it does not target large institutions/companies, only specifically for private investors. But not only that, there are still some other features of Punkcoin:

  • Built on Ethereum: Punkcoin is a token built on the fast and secure Ethereum protocol.

  • Supported wallets: Punkcoin supports Metamask as a digital wallet that connects users and the Punkcoin platform.


Punkcoin Token

PKC stands for Punkcoin which was launched for private investors. PKC was launched based on Ethereum ERC-20 with a total supply of 500,000,000,000,000 PKC. By owning PKC, holders can get various benefits such as increasing the price of tokens or joining the Punkcoin community, and it is possible that Punkcoin will provide DeFi features. Users can get PKC tokens through the Punkcoin website.


To conclude

Today there are many retail, institutional, or large corporate investors investing in the cryptocurrency market. This is a positive thing in the development of cryptocurrencies, but they can become whales which can influence the movements and prices of popular cryptocurrencies. And Punkcoin exists as a "rebel" token which targets private investors. Punkcoin is inspired by CryptoPunks and Bastard Gan Punks, but what Punkcoin is doing is more rebellious than the two tokens. It is hoped that the presence of Punkcoin will allow private individuals to invest more freely in cryptocurrency.


Connect with Punkcoin

WEB: https://www.punkcoin.net/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Punkcoin_PKC
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoAL-iT9xU9oIKXkmT-Njg


BTT Username: Bitloca
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3121416
Telegram: @bitloca

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