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Currently, many platforms in the cryptocurrency market adopt the decentralized finance protocol and offer various DeFi features to users globally. Especially after the emergence of Binance Smart Chain, which is blockchain technology issued by a popular exchange, namely Binance, which is a blockchain technology that is fast, safe, low-fees, and better ecosystem support for the development of decentralized apps, more DeFi platforms have emerged and growing in the market.

Seeing the increasing DeFi trend, Persistence is here as a bridge that will connect decentralized and traditional financial realms in a variety of areas and will bring a new financial paradigm to global users.


Journey Toward a New Financial Paradigm

We all know that crypto is a potential market and has the opportunity to develop in the future. But if we look at it as a whole, the crypto market is only 0.01% of the traditional financial economy. This is a small number and to improve it we need to have a new “financial paradigm”, which will take the cryptocurrency market to grow even bigger. Persistence is a protocol that will bridge decentralized and traditional finance, a platform that will support the creation of next-generation financial products for users globally.

Persistence creates a next-generation financial ecosystem that will serve institutional and crypto-native use cases. Persistence focuses on various aspects that are considered important, such as decentralized finance, Persistence allows users to interact with traditional digital and financial assets. Non-Fungible Tokens, allowing NFTs assets such as art or other NFTS assets to be accessible. And Proof-of-Stake, where Persistence will create products to generate opportunities and address challenges around the novel PoS consensus mechanism but in a multi-chain environment. All of this is done to create a financial ecosystem containing the next generation of financial products that will bring a new financial paradigm to global users.


Persistence Features

Persistence is an ecosystem containing various financial products which are very helpful for institutional and crypto-native users. For example, Comdex is a financial product that develops in the Persistence ecosystem that focuses on the commodity trading industry. Comdex provides a fast, transparent, and reliable platform for commodities trade and trade finance. It is a platform specially built for powering trades. But not only that, there are still some financial products provided by Persistence. The following are financial products from Persistence:

  • This is a platform built specifically to strengthen the network and ecosystem of Persistence. These are validators for the Persistence ecosystem, but going forward will also help the broader PoS network ecosystem.
  • This is a platform that allows users to maximize returns on their crypto investments. Allows stakers to be able to increase the yield of their staked assets.
  • Asset Mantle: This is a special framework provided by Persistence to build reliable individual marketplace NFTs and enable NFT interoperability between multiple chains.
  • Plend: This is a Stablecoin lending platform backed by real-world assets. Enable stablecoins holders to be able to provide liquidity to Comdex and get profit from real-world income-generating assets.


XPRT Token

XPRT is a native token of the Persistence ecosystem which will support the operations and development of the Persistence ecosystem. XPRT will play the role of governance, staking, and work token. 100 million XPRT will be minted at the genesis and the future will be gradually released over 42 months. It is intended to create an ecosystem with long-term and strong growth. If you are interested, you can directly buy XPRT on the AscendEX platform.

To conclude

If we look at the current capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, the crypto market has a fairly large capitalization, but when compared to the traditional financial economy, the crypto market is only 0.01% compared to traditional economies. The crypto market needs a new financial paradigm that will bring the crypto market in a better direction. And Persistence is here to answer this challenge. Persistence is the protocol that is powering the next-gen financial product. Persistence will act as a bridge that will connect decentralized and traditional finance and lead us to a new financial paradigm through various financial products specially built to serve both institutional and crypto-native.


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