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By | CryptoGeeks | 31 Mar 2021


In modern times like today having passive income is important, especially in a pandemic like now, where financial conditions are very uncertain and various situations can occur. So that by having passive income, we can be calm in living our daily lives. And fortunately, nowadays it's not too difficult to have passive income, especially since many crypto platforms offer crypto services with passive income to users.

A passive income bot or abbreviated as PIB is a platform that offers passive income to users. This is the ecosystem of trading algorithms, bots, and market trackers based on Artificial Intelligence and the touch of human traders. The user does not need to wait in front of the computer, the PIB algorithm will work in analyzing trends and markets and providing the best results to the user.


Crypto Bot

Passive Income Bot as the name implies is CryptoBot which is designed to give the best results to holders and early believers. An ecosystem of trading algorithms, bots, and market trackers, which combines the best of artificial intelligence and human traders. All components will be integrated into analyzing the patterns, trends, market, and volatility and generating patterns with the best accuracy to the user.

But not only that, the reason why this platform is called "Passive Income Bot" is that it allows users to have passive income by holding PIB tokens. The token holders will get rewards in the form of PIB tokens.

Passive Income Bot is an ecosystem designed for those of you who want passive income. A wide range of tools helps users navigate through the DEFI and Conventional Markets. All of this can only be found on the Passive Income Bot.


Passive Income Bot Features

Passive Income Robot is an ecosystem of trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence and the touch of the hands of human traders that analyzes patterns, market trends, volatility and generates trading setups with high accuracy. With the help of the Passive Income Robot, it allows users to get passive income by auto-trading or by becoming a token holder. The following are features of the Passive Income Robot:

  • Next-Gen AI-based Algorithms & Bot: There are more than hundreds of strategies combined with algorithms to provide users with a trading setup that generates passive income, even when they are sleeping.

  • 24/7 Automated trading: A trading program that will run 24/7 without stopping.

  • Consistent growth: With the help of artificial intelligence various problems related to trading can be avoided such as revenge trading, trader bias, etc., giving the user consistent growth.


PIB Token

PIB is a token issued by the Passive Income Robot which will function as a payment on a platform or a third party. This token was launched by the Passive Income Robot as a "fuel" that will support the operations of the Passive Income Robot. This token will be a reward for users and users can get this token through the available pre-sale or exchange. Following are the details of the PIB token:


To conclude

During a pandemic like now having passive income is very important in supporting financial conditions. Especially at this time, the economic situation is unstable and unpredictable, so that by having passive income we can relax. And Passive Income Robot offers passive income to users with automated trading and DeFi features. Passive Income Robot is an ecosystem of trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence and the touch of the hands of human traders that will analyze the market and provide the best results to users. With PIB, users can get passive income with the automated trading feature or by becoming a PIB token holder.

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