Digital Gold Is a New Way to Store or Make Payments With Gold

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Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. Gold has been used by humans for thousands of years for jewelry or as a symbol of prosperity. But now gold is not only used as jewelry but also as an investment, for electronic devices, etc. Because gold is a precious metal, it should not be stored carelessly. Therefore, now people are starting to use digital gold to be able to transact or invest using gold. Users can have gold but in digital form which is much easier to store than physical gold.

The digital gold has attracted the attention of many platforms to be able to develop digital gold for transaction or investment purposes. One of the platforms that provide digital gold is Digital Gold, but unlike other platforms, the digital gold provided by Digital Gold is digital gold based on the Ethereum ERC-20 cryptocurrency which users can easily store in their digital wallets.


The Gold Standard for Your Crypto

Of course, it will be easier to save or make payments using digital gold. Digital gold, allows gold owners to be able to store their gold without worrying about theft or the cost of renting a safe at the bank. Especially now that it is a modern era, where users can access their digital gold from their devices easily and safely. And if they wish to exchange their digital gold, they can do so directly through the exchange feature. Just like other digital gold provider platforms, Digital Gold provides digital gold to users. But what sets it apart is the digital gold provided by Digital Gold based on the Ethereum ERC-20 cryptocurrency, which can be stored in any digital wallet that supports the ERC-20 protocol.

The convenience provided by Digital Gold is very helpful for users, especially those who want to invest in gold or want to make payments using gold. Because just like other cryptocurrencies, digital gold provided by Digital Gold can be transferred to any wallet the user wants. And as long as users do not share their private key, Digital Gold guarantees 100% that the security of their digital gold will be fully protected.


Digital Gold Features

Digital Gold is a platform that provides Ethereum ERC-20 based digital gold which makes it easy for users to save or make payments with gold. Each digital gold provided by Digital Gold is worth 1 gram of gold 99.99% FINE and 100% backed by physical gold stored in a secure vault. Users can check proof of gold ownership on the website. But that's not all, there are several other features of Digital Gold:

  • Secure Vault: All physical gold is kept in a safe vault in Singapore and insured by Chubb insurance to keep the gold safe.
  • Liquidity Guarantee: Every time digital gold is purchased by the user, Digital Gold will buy as much physical gold as the digital gold purchased by the user. Digital Gold will ensure that liquidity is maintained so that users can be purchased/redeemed at the Digital Gold website instantly 24/7.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Gold is the most appropriate asset for long-term investment and for portfolio diversification.
  • No Fees: Digital Gold will not charge transaction fees to users as long as their transactions are below the reasonable limit.
  • Privacy is maintained: Because the GOLD token is based on cryptocurrency, the privacy of the user will be maintained and it will not allow anyone to know the identity of the user, even Digital Gold itself.


Token Details

As explained earlier, GOLD tokens are digital gold provided by Digital Gold. Ethereum ERC-20 based GOLD token with unlimited total supply. If users want to buy GOLD tokens, they can buy as much as they want and at any time. Because it is cryptocurrency-based, it allows users to transfer or store GOLD tokens to any wallet that supports the ERC-20 protocol. Users can buy GOLD tokens on the Digital Gold website.


To conclude

Digital gold is very helpful for users to be able to invest in gold more easily and safely. Users don't have to bother with storing their physical gold in safes or in their homes that are prone to theft, digital gold providers will store it for them insecure and insured vaults. And Digital Gold is here as a platform that provides Ethereum ERC-20 based digital gold for users. Digital Gold provides features that will help users to be able to own gold but in digital form. The digital gold provided by Digital Gold is backed by physical gold that is secured in a secure vault in Singapore, so users don't have to worry about the security of Digital Gold. The solutions offered by Digital Gold, allow users to be able to store or make transactions with gold easily and safely through their devices.


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