Charitas Revolutionizes Funding Charities

By | CryptoGeeks | 14 Apr 2021


Charity is the act of voluntarily giving goods or time to others in need without expecting anything in return. Usually, someone does charity as their social responsibility or they want to leave a good impression on society. In modern times like today, to do charity action is not too difficult, there are many charities that are ready to collect money or goods from society and will give it to people in need. Even these secure platforms are available online, which people can easily access through their devices.

But what if cryptocurrency meets charity? introducing Charitas, a community-driven protocol that is revolutionizing the way we fund charities. In general, Charitas is a DeFi platform that allows people to maximize their returns with various features such as static rewards, charity, liquidity pool provisioning, and token burns. However, what distinguishes Charitas from similar platforms is that Charitas focuses on providing a financial platform that accepts donations from all users around the world.


Welcome to Something New

Maybe for some people, they will be confused when there is a donation platform that allows them to be able to donate and maximize their profit at the same time. But nothing is impossible, with Charitas users can simultaneously maximize their profit and donate simultaneously. Charitas is a community-driven protocol that is revolutionizing the way we fund charities. This is a platform specially built for those of you who want to maximize profit but want to donate at the same time.

Charitas has a native token with a mechanism that is unique, where token holders will get profit even just by holding it. Charitas will give static rewards to token holders, the amount that can be obtained by token holders will be following the number of tokens they hold. But not only that but holding Charitas native tokens can also provide opportunities for users to participate in Charitas governance.


Charitas Features

Charitas is the newest way for us to make donations. Users will be able to donate and get rewards at the same time. This is the most revolutionary way to donate and get passive income by only holding native Charitas tokens. Following are the features provided by Charitas:

  • Static Rewards: Charitas token holders will automatically get rewards according to the number of tokens they hold. For every buys and sell transaction, 1% of the total transaction will be distributed to token holders and the interest will be sent directly to the user's wallet.

  • Charity Fund: Charitas is committed to channeling 1% of each buy and sell transaction to charities. The donation process will be carried out by voting on which token holders can participate in.

  • Governance: Charitas token holders have the right to participate in decentralized governance. Each token holder will get the same voting rights for each decision.

  • Token Burn: Charitas will burn the sold CHAR tokens from the liquidity pool to decrease the number of tokens and increase the value of the CHAR tokens.


CHAR Token

CHAR is a native token launched by Charitas and will play an important role in the operation and development of Charitas. CHAR is a Binance BEP-20 based token launched with a total supply of 905,119,999,9999999 CHAR. By holding CHAR tokens, token holders will get many benefits, such as static rewards, governance, etc.


To conclude

Today there are many ways for people to do charity, some are giving goods, money, or time directly to those in need. And some help with charity platforms that are available online or offline. And Charitas is a platform that is revolutionizing the way we fund charities. Charitas allows users to be able to get passive income and donate at the same time. This is an innovative and revolutionary way to donate and earn passive income.


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