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Today many platforms have sprung up on the cryptocurrency market offering innovative and useful ideas for global users. However, as more and more platforms have sprung up in the crypto market, this market has become increasingly competitive and it is quite difficult for platforms to fundraise in their initial development. And it is also difficult for investors to invest in early presales to be able to gain higher returns. Often in these early days, the bottom-floor prices were only available to ventures or high-end investors.

Seeing this problem, WhaleMaker is here as an incubator platform that will help new crypto startups. WhaleMaker is an incubation platform consisting of a decentralized community of influencers and active contributors who are committed to helping new crypto startups and profit together.


Re-Inventing the Launchpad

If you are a crypto user then you will surely know what an ICO or IEO is. This is a program launched by crypto startups to get fresh funds from investors by launching a token sale program. However, this is wrong, because it only focuses on fundraising, does not focus on the real problems and sustainability of the platform. However, with incubation things like this can be above. Because the incubation platform will focus on funding and the sustainability of the platform. This is what WhaleMaker offers, an incubation platform made up of a decentralized community of influencers and active contributors who are committed to helping new crypto startups and profit together. At WhaleMaker crypto startups promise not only access to capital but also more than that, crypto startups will get full support from the community. This is a Win-Win situation for startups and investors.

Investors registered with WhaleMaker can access the right promising deals from the beginning depending on their tier. The higher the user's tier, they can access project presales and invest in them early on, maximizing their profits. WhaleMaker is completely transparent and safe for investors, where tokens are auto-locked and secured to prevent rug-pulls and allow users to participate in projects and more.


WhaleMaker Proprietary "Smart-Sequence" Launch

WhaleMaker is an incubation platform that focuses on launchpads and investors looking for returns from early deals with crypto startups. What WhaleMaker does is allow investors to be able to invest and get high returns on their investment because many crypto projects explode at the beginning, but most average retail investors don't get the chance to get a return because the opportunity has been taken by ventures. and high-end investors. This is the problem WhaleMaker will solve through the "Smart-Sequence" Launch, where everyone can contribute and get profit together. WhaleMaker will streamline the entire launch, WhaleMaker calls this a "Smart-Sequence" launch and then allows everyone to go from idea to full project creation, fundraising, and IDO launch on one platform, which can reduce expenses. Investors can engage with startups and access more promising deals from the start. The entire process will be secured and transparent. The tokens will be locked and secured to prevent rug pulls. In this way, it allows WhaleMaker to be able to create profitable launchpads not only for new crypto startups but also for average retail investors.

WhaleMaker Features

WhaleMaker is a decentralized community consisting of a community of influencers and active contributors who are committed to helping new crypto startups and profit together. It is an incubation platform that allows a win-to-win situation for everyone, where new startups can get access to capital and investors can get access to the early stages of investment of the project. Users only need to buy WAKER tokens to be able to participate and get profit. But that's not all, WAKER token has other features:

  • Deal Aggregator & Staking: Users can participate in new crypto project private sales and also staking opportunities.

  • Smart-Sequence Launch Ecosystem Projects: Users can get access to self-incubated public launch projects built on the WhaleMaker platform.

  • Balanced Allocations: Users can get more access to allocations via a merit-based system.

  • Governance: WAKER tokens can also be used as token governance which allows top token holders to participate in the decision-making process.

  • Rewards: WAKER tokens will also be used as incentives for participants and events.


WhaleMaker Membership

To be able to participate in WhaleMaker users must be registered as members of WhaleMaker. WhaleMaker designed a membership system with an access level which will determine whether the user can access more features. Each tier will have a chance to get an allocation based upon the number of tokens held by the individual. So thus the more tokens that are held by users in their digital wallets, the higher the level they can access. The user level can be seen in the details below:

  • Level 1 Baby Calf: 5,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 2 Juvenile: 20,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 3 Young Whale: 150,000+ WAKER tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 4 Adult Whale: 800,000+ WAKER Tokens held in user wallet.
  • Level 5 Oceanic Leviathan: Top 10 Holders of WAKER tokens. These token holders have the opportunity to be able to participate in voting on rights and governance.


As previously explained, to participate in WhaleMaker the user needs to hold the WAKER token. WAKER is a native token from WhaleMaker and has a role as a utility, governance, and rewards token. WAKER was launched based on Ethereum ERC-20 with a total supply of 110,000,000 tokens. To be able to hold WAKER tokens, users can participate in private sales that will be held by WhaleMaker.


To conclude

Currently, many new crypto startups are doing fundraising through ICO, IEO, or others, but this is the wrong way because the platform only carries out fundraising but does not solve real problems and the platform's sustainability. And what WhaleMaker has to offer is an incubation platform consisting of a decentralized community of influencers and active contributors who are committed to helping new crypto startups and profit together. It is hoped that the presence of WhaleMaker can enable new crypto startups that promise to get fresh funds and investors can profit together.


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