Base Reward is the Future of Decentralized Finance

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 12 May 2021


Today the cryptocurrency market has grown quite significantly since it was first launched. Cryptocurrency is an investment instrument and payment platform that allows people to transact safely and quickly without third parties. Especially when Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world promoting cryptocurrency to the public, retail investors and non-crypto users are increasingly interested in using and investing in cryptocurrency. This has resulted in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increasing significantly compared to previous years.

Seeing the development of the cryptocurrency market, Base Reward comes as a decentralized financial platform that allows its users to be rewarded for their loyalty to the service. Base Reward targets users who are not valued by businesses because often businesses don't reward their users for their loyalty. With Base Reward, users can get rewards for their loyalty when using the service. Users will get rewards from every transaction made online while shopping, trading, staking, or using other cryptos.


The Future of Decentralize Finance

Maybe you are someone who often uses services such as shopping, trading, staking, or other crypto services? maybe you have done a lot of transactions, but until now you don't get proper rewards from the platform you use? even though as a user you should get rewards that are commensurate with your loyalty to the platform. This is the concern of Base Reward, as a platform that will reward holders 60% of ecosystem fees using the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) protocol. Users will get rewards according to the loyalty they give to the platform.

Base Reward will reward users on every transaction made online while shopping, trading, staking, or using other crypto services. In this way, Base Reward can encourage users to be able to use the service more frequently and grow their loyalty to the platform. Thus the Base Reward will grow together with the user.


Base Reward Features

Base Reward is a platform that rewards users for their loyalty to the platform. Base Reward will provide rewards for every transaction users make on the platform, whether it's shopping, exchanges, or others. Holders will receive 60% of ecosystem fees using the PoS protocol. In this way, all users will get rewards that are fair and transparent. But that's not all, there are still a few other features of Base Reward:

  • Buy-Back & Burn Program: Base Reward adopts a buyback and burn program mechanism, which will allocate 60% of ecosystem profits to buy tokens from the ecosystem and burn them gradually.

  • Use case: Base Reward launches a native token, namely BRT, which will be used on the platform as payment.

  • Limited Tokens: BRT native tokens launched with a limited total supply. Never to be minted again.

  • Voting right: BRT token holders will get voting rights in the ecosystem. They can participate in the decision-making process about the things that will be changed or added to the ecosystem.


BRT Token

Base Reward launches a native token called BRT token which will serve as payment for services and products on the platform. Base Reward launched a BRT token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 12,000,000 BRT. By owning a BRT token, users will get several benefits such as voting rights, token stake, etc. Users can get BRT tokens through a token sale program that will be held by Base Reward.


To conclude

User loyalty is the key for the platform to progress and thrive. By gaining loyalty from users, the platform does not need to worry about the development of its platform. However, most of the current platforms do not value their users, but by gaining user loyalty, the platform can grow. And Base Reward comes as a platform that rewards its users for every transaction made online while shopping, trading, staking, or using other crypto services. The Base Reward will reward the user with 60% of ecosystem fees using the PoS protocol. In this way, it allows Base Rewards to grow with the user.


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