Bancambios Provides Dynamic and Inclusive Financial Solutions to People

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Now is an era where technological developments are very significant, which requires people to be able to follow and adapt to new technology. This also includes the financial industry, where most people nowadays are starting to use digital payments which are faster and easier. By using digital payments, a person can make transactions through their device. But not only that, currently many digital payment platforms offer financial solutions to their users, such as loans, pay later, etc.

Seeing this development, Bancambios is here as a digital banking platform that will offer dynamic and sustainable financial solutions that put more emphasis on users. The goal of Bancambios is to be able to fix a stagnant economic system and become a financial solution for everyone around the world.


The Financial Renaissance

Currently, there are approximately 1.2 billion people who use banking services and there are 1.7 billion unbanked people. This proves that of the human population in this world, there are still many people who are not covered by banking services, and this is a quite serious problem because there are many opportunities that can be realized if someone is covered by banking services. This kind of problem is what Bancambios wants to solve, which is to provide inclusive financial solutions for many people around the world. Bancambios is motivated to improve the stagnant economic system, by offering dynamic and sustainable financial solutions which will support many people. Bancambios is a financial services umbrella that will provide users with quality and reliable financial products to users through a user-friendly interface.

Bancambios is fully tech-driven and people-inspired. Which will provide an economic system with multiple emerging technologies, bringing our goal to be a platform for providing financial services that are inclusive and dynamic for everyone, with the aim of changing global economic standards for the better.


Bancambios Features

Bancambios is a financial platform that offers dynamic and inclusive solutions to people around the world. Later, Bancambios will not only provide financial solutions to users but also the NFT marketplace and DEX which are fully supported by BX tokens. Bancambios will realize Banking 3.0 to users, by providing responsive financial services with kinetic money and dynamic services and full control to users. But not only that, there are still several other features that will be realized by Bancambios:

  • Capital Markets 3.0: Bancambios through Bancambios Financial Trading Ledger intends to host and launch strongly audited backed-asset symbols. Namely a globalized and sustainable capital market with a healthy environment.

  • Wealth Management 3.0: Bancambios will embody innovative wealth management and is different from legacy wealth management systems. This is supersonic technological-smart money.

  • Contactless Payment Getaways: Bancambios will create a contactless payment gateway, which will reduce the use of plastic cards and provide better payment services to users with various features such as NFC, Wi-Fi, BT, or bio-identity.

  • FinTech as a Service: Bancambios will realize different financial services compared to traditional banking. Bancambios will take a customized approach to financial services in real-time, combined with advanced technology, and suit the user's needs.

  • Crowdfunding 3.0: Bancambios will realize a new infrastructure for crowdfunding, which allows users to be able to access high-quality financial products.

  • Banking with Bio-identity: Bancambios with Bancambios Bio-Identity makes it easier for people to be able to bank without any excess bureaucracy, using their face + voice + body.

  • Multi-function ATMs: Bancambios provides a cardless and hack-proof ATM network that allows users to be able to fulfill their financial needs such as paying utility bills, withdrawing cash, sending money, etc.

  • Credit Sector 3.0: Bancambios provides a credit platform that allows users to get loans easily and quickly.


BX Token

Bancambios launched a native token called BX token which has a function to support the operation and development of the platform. Bancambios launched a BX token based on Ethereum ERC-20 and is a utility token type. By holding BX tokens, users reduce trading and withdrawal fees by 60% per cent, get access to Bancambios academy, and many other benefits that users can get by only holding BX tokens. If users are interested, they can buy it through a token sale program that will be held by Bancambios or through a supported third-party exchange.


To conclude

Now is an era where technological developments are very significant, including in the financial industry. Many people today prefer to use digital financial platforms for their financial needs. And Bancambios exists as a digital banking platform that offers users dynamic and sustainable financial solutions that are user-centered. Bancambios provides a financial services umbrella with products available to all global users through a user-friendly interface. Not just a digital banking platform, but also Bancambios featuring NFT marketplace and DEX for crypto users around the world.


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