Betfury Introduces Game Changing New Faucet

By BellBlogs | Bitformation | 25 Nov 2021

Betfury's faucets have been lacking, there's no doubt about that.


One thing that's important when it comes to "faucet gambling", or simply playing with very small amounts, is the ability to aim for much higher multipliers in the hopes of turning an amount that can be seen as negligible to use.


LuckyFish lately is probably my favorite online casino. With the only rule being a 2 minute gap between faucet claims, the small amounts of ETH, BCH, LTC, ZCASH, DASH afforded by the faucets is great to play around with, and all that you need is a bit of luck to get enough balance for a chance at really playing.

When it comes to interface and fairness however, BC Game and Stake are by far the best. Banners for all are listed at the bottom, but let's talk about Betfury's faucets.

A while ago I wrote a bit of a hit piece on BetFury. In my opinion, I was fair in my analases, but the site has since made new and drastic changes.

The most important of all is that betting on the site seems to finally be fair, to an extent. They still have a larger house edge, worse payouts, and are a bit lacking in interface, but on the whole they seem to have upped their game a fair bit. Countries are being no longer serviced based on laws, which indicates that BetFury is likely seeing and succumbing to pressure to regulate their games with outside verifiers.

Betfury has always had a Bitcoin faucet, as well as a BNB faucet that showed up more recently when they moved away from TRC-20 tokens to BEP.


For those of you who don't know, BetFury brought the concept of wager mining to the casino and crypto scene. The idea is that the more you wager, the more [they're called BFG] tokens you mine. Holding these tokens gives you dividends of the casino's earnings, whereas it's also now possible to withdraw and sell them on BNB SC.


Hold enough BFG tokens and today you'll earn this much for every 100k. Earning starts at 10 tokens.

You can of course also gamble them, but the game changer that the site, which is actually becoming fun again, has introduced is a faucet that actually pays a significant amount of their BFG token. This gives you something to play with all the time.

If you've written off Betfury in the past, I say check it out again, it's become quite decent in its need to keep up with the competition.


If you've never checked out the site, read about BFG mining and staking here. Or simply click the banner at the bottom. You can also click any of the other banners and check out BC, Stake, and other sites to earn free crypto.




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