Why news media is like Waze prompts when it comes to bitcoin?

By CryptoTapas.com | Bitcoinz News | 12 Jul 2019

If you have ever used Waze navigation app, you know that it keeps prompting alerts about things that any driver with even few decent driving hours would not give a flying fun about!

For example, waze will prompt about vehicles stopped on the shoulder or abandoned on the road or pot holes and the list goes on.

One key feature that helped Waze’s popularity is the alerts about police activity.  This feature helps reckless drivers with history of breaking speed limits. For everyone else, waze is very distractive.

Similarly, news media and crypto news channels tend to blow every irrelevant fart smoke as news.  This probably helps people who are looking to trade or increase their social presence by sharing these pieces, however, for those who are in this space for the long haul- it can be quite distracting.

These snippets of irrelevance delay the conversations of decentralization movement and further the true spirit of blockchain technology.

I personally never use waze because google maps does a decent job on finding alternative routes in case of traffic issues, crashes, etc. and since I do not plan on breaking the speeding laws - I am happy to stick with less distracting navigation on road.

We are trying to be that clean interface with this channel and CryptoTapas.com

There are quite a few channels that are good as well, CryptoZombie on YouTube for instance.

Please bring relevant and important updates to our attention for our review so we can then share with all with our views added.

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