"US Customs should use Blockchain" Next Generation Facilitation Sub-Committee recommends

By CryptoTapas.com | Bitcoinz News | 18 Aug 2019

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Next Generation Facilitation Sub-Committee of the 'Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC)' has issued a report in which it enthusiastically recommends the Customs and Border Protection to facilitate for the usage of Blockchain.

Report states that the Sub-Committee "has the responsibility of looking at opportunities to enhance the trade and government processes, policies and programs, enabling the trade and CBP to be better positioned for the future."

The report is dated August 21, 2019 (yes, it is future dated) and the three recommendations made in the report revolve around CBPs facilitation of Blockchain technology. 

"COAC recommends that in order to encourage the adoption of blockchain, CBP should strive for global data standards and protocols consistent with WCO principles that promote trade facilitation, transparency and compliance in the context of cargo entry, clearance/release and post entry review/audit processes," states the report.

1 US Government (or 1USG) working group was established to work with CBP to encourage collaboration between government agencies and industry stakeholders.  

The latest recommendation is part of the 1USG efforts to build 21st Century Customs Framework.  


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