Toilet Paper Token is here - wipe before its gone!
Toilet Paper Token is here - wipe before its gone!

By | Bitcoinz News | 31 Mar 2020

CoinmarketCap has started its April Fool's day prank a day early!  

If you login to CMC today, you will see Toilet Paper Token (TPT) is already out of stock but has $85 Billion market cap.  


CoinmarketCap Blog goes into a serious explanation of TPT, however, for those who have not caught up yet - it is April 1st in other countries (although its still March 31st in US).

Toilet PaperToken: 3 Utilities

TPT utilizes “smut contracts” to keep track of the total number of rolls that users (hereafter referred to as wipers) have purchased, and also maintains a record of how many rolls you are guaranteed. With TPT, users can purchase toilet paper online to avoid increased exposure to ‘Rona and take advantage of the Ply Count algorithm that calculates how much toilet paper each household is entitled to receive.

The implication of this system is no more hoarding or grocery store fights for the last set of rolls. Should stores run out of stock, TPT holders will be the first customers to be notified of restocking the preferred customers to receive supplies."

Joke's on you CMC, because, your Toilet Paper Token is already out of stock!  




We are glad that people are having fun at the cost of stupidity of some folks who are hoarding tons of toilet paper without regard to their fellow citizens - to you hoarders - Happy April 1st.

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