Burger King is accepting bitcoin (and it is not a fake news)

By CryptoTapas.com | Bitcoinz News | 5 Sep 2019

Cointelegraph reported that Burger King is accepting Bitcoin.  CZ of Binance who has been a big proponent of crypto space has shared it.   

Immediately, Twitter folks and beingcrypto.com condemned the news stating it as fake and that "this is not a new piece of information.  This is a recycled news from 2017 about Burger King starting its own crypto (Whopper coin) and  they were using a third party, Lieferando, an online food delivery service that caters Burger King delivery accepts the bitcoin - so you could get a Burger King using bitcoin, except Burger King is not directly accepting bitcoins."


However, Burger King's official site in Germany states this (translated using google) on their main page: "Click through the menu, fill your cart and pay for your food online via Klarna, PayPal, Bitcoin, debit or credit card. You can also pay for your BURGER KING® delivery in cash. Make it your way!"

It turns out the news is NOT fake.  

It is unclear if all the locations in Germany participate in this payment methodology or if it is up to the local franchises to exercise their discretion about bitcoin payments. 

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