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By roland4 | bitcointime.eu | 19 May 2019


Let's talk about the project


So, folks, shall we get down to parsing the ico project? So, let's go! The guest of the program today is the FLETA platform. By the way, the ideology goes beyond the existing similar projects. Our platform, on the other hand, focuses on broad technological innovations in various fields. The platform intends to update the decentralization already in place and at the same time promote the blockchain ecosystem. Ask for sure, how exactly? It's very simple, it's going to go through increasing the independence and scalability of Dapps itself. This will allow more freedom and efficiency at the time of development of various services.

The idea that our guys want to implement now is to maximize. Everything will start with a unique and original blockchain structure, which will be rapidly distributed under the chains, so to speak, for each DApp. Thus, the speed of the technology block will increase significantly, while the amount of data will decrease.

It is important to note that FLETA provides a function that will create an individual sequence for each DApp. This is where the transaction for the token or any other asset will be made.

Using its own network, each DApp can be updated independently, based on its own management, interface and processing environment, and so on. A high-speed block transaction becomes possible due to parallel processing and at the same time we are waiting for instant confirmation from the observer node. It should be noted that high gas price and functional degradation of DApps will also be allowed.

What else will contribute to the solution? It will be other innovative technologies such as Multichain and a new consensus model. Overall, innovative technologies and the Fleta platform will play a leading role in the proliferation of a diverse DApps, with DApps across the industry as blockchain ecosystem is promoted.

The project intends to provide a service platform for both Android and iOS. Based on these operating systems, applications will be supported to build the ecosystem as a whole. Also, the problems will be solved at the moment of development and operation of DApps themselves through blockchain Efirium or even EOS.

The goal of the project is simply to build a sustainable ecosystem with users, and to integrate and expand all projects from within. The startup team has already developed an original and innovative technology, namely a modernisation of the blockchain core technology.

In short, let's run through the benefits

1. Firstly, it is an independent multilever chain structure. Less money will be spent for the developers themselves, and the number of applications will increase for the users themselves.

2. As I have already said, this is the proof of the wording itself. That is, the rapid creation and distribution of blocks. The confirmation will flow in real time through the observer's node and at the same time reduce the unnecessary plug.

3. Next, it is the redesign of the blocks themselves. The size of the block itself will be reduced by as much as 43%. Now the transaction rate will be several times faster and the data storage is expected to be optimally reduced.

4. The next advantage is the level tree itself. Checking transactions will be of high quality, and with less data reception. And the speed of transaction validation process will be as much as 5 times faster.

5. Parallel Sharding. That is, a parallel action will be possible without double costs. The ability to process 20,000 transactions per second.

Pay attention to who the startup cooperates with


Details Token sale

New units will be generated annually. The total number of tokens should not exceed 400,000,000,000, which is 20% of the total supply.

Total offer: 2 000 000 000 000 FLETA

What does the distribution of this ICO look like?
600 000 000 000 Allocated for public and private sale
200,000,000 Allocated for marketing
200,000,000 Allocated to project advisers and partners
260,000,000 Allocated to the founders and the team
300,000,000 For the ecosystem itself
300,000,000 Allocated to the reserve fund
140,000,000 Allocated for the bounty and airdrop program

Look for more information about this project on the official website, I'll leave the links below. Keep in mind that investing in blockchain involves risks, study the technical part.


Official resources

Website - http://www.fleta.io/
White paper - https://www.fleta.io/download/190426_Buisness_Whitepaper_EN_web.pdf
Telegram - https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup
Twitter - https://twitter.com/@fletachain
Medium - https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain



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