Bcnex is a new generation trading platform

By roland4 | | 25 May 2019


Let's talk about the project

So, friends, let's get acquainted with an interesting trading platform. It's a place where you can easily buy, exchange tokens and even trade freely. The project comes from Vietnam and is already a full-fledged exchange, a finished product. The only thing left is to finalize a few details. Initially, the developers were actively involved in the Forex market, but with the advent of the era of cryptocurrency, they began to study the market in mass and actively. As a result, we have an excellent ICO, which closes everything under the goals, and very quickly.

Bcnex platform is developing and improving day by day and is ready to provide its users with the best trading experience. This is the most important mission of the project and the team itself.

Besides, Bcnex is a very safe and stable trading platform. It is based on a lot of microservices that comply with very strict rules.

The users themselves will find a very convenient platform, which will provide them with a very good experience. This applies to both desktop and mobile applications.

Inside the platform itself there is an institutional trading engine, and it is very fast and accurate. It also has flexible scalability and allows you to process up to 2,000,000 orders per second.

Since there is high liquidity, we have a guarantee that each transaction will be executed without delays from any intermediaries.

In addition to all the advantages that I have just listed, the platform is constantly updated, namely the appearance of other quality tokens, so the choice is always huge.

The project team works around the clock and is ready to answer any question you may have, and will promptly solve any request you may have, and so on.


With whom the project cooperates, pay attention to the partners


The development team, top executives

Note that there are a lot of professionals in the business, a lot of blockchain experts. All of them are in social resources, so you can get acquainted with everyone.


Details of token sale


A token wears a BCNX marker
Development based on ERC223 protocol
Total offer 200 000 000 000 BCNX

The token is used both for trading and as an exchange or just a purchase and sale. It can also be used as a commission, which is very advantageous for users, among other things.

What we will get from the ERC233 protocol. As you already know, it will certainly improve security even further and minimize token loss. That is, we are expecting more practical benefits, namely for users.

The cost of one token at the time of the ICO program will range from $ 0.15 to $ 0.45

Minimal purpose of the training camp: 2 000 000 $
Maximum purpose of the training camp: 15 000 000 $

Minimum investment in the project: $100
Accepted currencies for investment: BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT
All investors will need to go through the KYC procedure

All investors will receive their tokens within 2 weeks after the end of the sale. And tokens, which will be issued by the developers themselves, will be issued for 4 years, and at 25% per annum.

How does the distribution of funds look like, see:
50% Allocated for sale
38% Allocated to founders, advisors and the entire team
5% For so-called "Angel Investors"
5% Allocated for reserve
2% Allocated for the bounty program

Look for more information on official resources, links below. Remember that investing in ICO involves risks, study White paper.


Official resources

Website -
White paper -
Telegram -
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