Hi Guys! Amazon denies it will accept cryptocurrencies for purchases, but hints that something may be brewing. Here's why.

"We remain focused on exploring how the Amazon shopping experience can develop" said a spokesperson after denying having any concrete plans "Despite our interest in the matter, rumours circulating about specific plans related to cryptocurrencies are not true."

The idea that Amazon wanted to integrate crypto came about when it emerged that the Seattle-based group is looking for a person to oversee projects in relation to digital currencies and blockchain. The request is for a well-established profile with experience in the sector, specifically with good skills in blockchain, distributed ledger, central bank digital currencies and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, we recall that the Amazon spokesperson stated at the time: "We are inspired by the innovation that is developing in the cryptocurrency sector and are exploring what this could mean for Amazon. We believe that the future is built on new technologies that enable modern, fast and cheap payments".

Finally, it cannot be forgotten that four years ago, when bitcoin last accelerated, it was Amazon itself that was singled out as the global company that could be the first to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Today, as then, the Seattle group's descent into the field would really mean that the world of currencies and payments has really changed, wouldn't it?
Let me know! Bye! 👋

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