This is the excellent idea that Sui Network came up with (that Solana also had)

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 18 Apr 2024

Sui and Solana have at least one thing in common, they've both understood that it's better to pair your software with hardware if you want to onboard people.

Translated into plain English, it means it's always great to bring people on board writing good code, but it's better if you also throw a nice piece of kit in the mix.

Solana has the Saga smartphone, and Sui has a handheld device.

Sui is gearing up to launch a new gaming device called Play 0X1, officially known as 'SuiPlay0X1'.

Sui teamed up with Playtron, a startup based out of Tbilisi, Georgia that specialises in gaming software, to launch a new handheld device.


Now I should state from the outset that I'm no gamer, and I don't care much about gaming, and therefore I know very little about gaming, but even I think that's cool.

At Sui Basecamp, which took place last week in Paris, I was able to have a look at the SuiPlay0X1 device in person and it looks cool. Unfortunately, I was only given access to a 3D-printed mockup which simply showcases what the device will look like because a working prototype wasn't available.

Or at least I was told they didn't bring it.

However, the lovely people at Playtron had other handheld devices on display, and I got the chance to try some of those, and they told me that the upcoming SuiPlay will be roughly the same.


And the price? They wouldn't say.

But, the Sui Foundation says that with the new Play0X1, you'll be able to "earn rewards and own your assets."

I'm excited, and like I said I'm not even a gamer.

The power of marketing through cool tech.

All images taken with my iPhone at Sui Basecamp, please credit 'Bitcoinea' if you want to use them

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