Growth is never linear

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 28 Jul 2023

I'm a content creator by trade, and a crypto enthusiast by... passion, I guess, and there's one characteristic both things have in common.

Growth is never linear.

Ideally, when we decide you want to start buying Bitcoin every day, or discover a new token every day or stake every day or whatever, we always expect to grow at a steady rate.

We're thinking: "right, I bought Bitcoin at $1 today, it'll be $2 tomorrow, $3 the next day and so on", and in two years we'll be rich.

That's not how it works.

It's the same with creating content.

Now, I don't have big numbers on my socials and websites, but the individual I work with does, and we've got a team of people to track down performance - and it's mad.

There are days where we put out content and we're like "meh, this is not going to work", and instead it does, and we get 10,000 subs in a day.

By contrast, there are days where you've got the most amazing piece of content lined up... and no one gives a damn.

So what's the recipe?

In my view, there's no magic bullet.

Just pick a strategy you believe in and stick to it.

My strategy is, I buy Bitcoin whenever I can.

Not every day or every week, because for obvious reasons due to the fact that I'm not rich it's impossible to keep true to that promise, but when I can.

Whenever I got an extra $100 to spare, I buy Bitcoin.

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