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By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 6 Dec 2023

I should preface this by saying that I only learnt about the existence of GoodDollar because a person I used to work with in the past is now working at GoodDollar.

But she's biased, I'm not.

The subject of Universal Basic Income, commonly referred to as UBI, is quite sensitive. And complex.

There's a YouTube mashup video that sums it up quite nicely, because it puts together four different view points on UBI, two for, and two against.

All four people express reasonable qualms. The two people that are for, Andrew Yang and Elon Musk, say that UBI is probably going to be inevitable, because AI and technology in general will eat up a lot of the current jobs.

They're both potentially right.

The two people that are against, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, argue that UBI is not automatically a good idea for two separate reasons.

Shapiro says that we've been here before. He says we always say technology will kill jobs, but it also creates new one. So his reasoning is that these predictions are usually more pessimistic than reality turns out to be.

Peterson says something else, and in my personal opinion he's absolutely spot on, (and Elon Musk agrees with this point), is that we don't work for a salary, we also work because it gives us something to do. Something to think about. Something to derive our meaning from.

If you have money but no job, it's just a matter of time before that 5 PM beer turns into an 8 AM beer.

I agree with them.

Yes, UBI is likely going to become inevitable at some point. But yes, I'd never ever ever want to see myself NOT working. I want to work. And yes, predictions are always ultra-pessimistic. And reality always turns out to be not as bad as you thought.

Still, that's what GoodDollar is for.

Now available on the CELO network, GoodDollar (G$), provides a daily micro-income.

I keep the GoodDollar wallet tab open in my browser, and claim income once a day. What for? I don't know.

But why not?


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