A time-consuming crypto strategy, but it sometimes yields rewards

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 4 Dec 2023

A few days ago I wrote about my daily crypto activities and I forgot to mention another thing I do (almost) daily, and that's the Token Hunt on the Socios.com app.

It's time consuming, but it sometimes brings results.

This is how it works, it's like a Pokemon Go system (it was indeed inspired by the Pokemon Go game) that allows you to 'hunt' for tokens.


99 times out of 100, you get SSU tokens, which basically has no value.

But, in theory, you can win Chiliz (CHZ), and any sports token available, including all the major ones like FC Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, Aston Martin F1, etc.

You can sell any token you win immediately if you want, and cash out the rewards.

So far I've won tokens on perhaps five or six occasions, and I've won CHZ about ten times.

The last token I won is the Saracens (SARRIES) token, representing the Sarances Rugby Club of North London.


There's no referral link, so I can't share one, but do check out the app if you have time.

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