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#LRCDEX - My first trade experience on DEX Exchange to claim 5$ in LRC

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 22 Apr 2020

This article will give you an overview of my first trade experience on Although I will enter the 2nd part of the current Publish0x challenge with this article, I pass on making this article really pretty taking a lot of screenshots. I decided to publish this article as quickly as possible that you can make a decision for yourself if you want to go through the same experience, avoid the mistakes I made to claim the reward of 5$ in LRC that is currently on the table.


My notification window popped up telling me that there is another contest running on publish0x. I followed the link and came across the new official contest post: 

Bottom line - Publish0x will reward the first 40 users doing a trade on with 5$ in LRC. Fair enough. I am keen on trying new things so let's give it a try and see what the experience is like trading on and see if we can manage to claim those 5$ in LRC tokens. 

So keep in mind, my Metamask wallet is already setup and I have some ETH sitting in there. I will simply focus on the experience with - so no detailed guide on how to create a Metamask wallet or deposit Ether in your Metamask wallet.

1) I just followed the link and landed straight on the platform.

2) On the top right, I move the mouse to 'Connect wallet' and a new menu will appear where I click 'Connect wallet'. 

385d957fb89b1c7d498230d6057bf7790aa3eccf781d73786f3894221b3e43aa.png  Hover your mouse to the button on the top right corner.

f6ca5d3136fed27434088c51bad4c0e45225712d56d7a10386cdba441f2a32c0.png Click on Connect Wallet

4) Then I select my MetaMask wallet from here.


5) You will need to confirm the Metamask notification and then I noticed that my ETH address was at the top right corner. The next step is important: You need to register an account. The registration comes with a fee that was 0.0036 Ether for me. 

6) Once the registration has been completed and confirmed through the ETH blockchain, we are ready to make a deposit. I decided to deposit ETH so note that each deposit comes with another fee of 0.0001 Ether. The contest said every trade will count so I didn't want to go crazy and had in mind to do a trade of 0.01 ETH. I deposited my 0.01 Ether and had to wait for 30 confirmations on the blockchain before acknowledged my deposit.


7) From there I decided to do my trade. When I clicked on a selling position the GUI notified me that the minimum trade value is 0.05 ETH. So I just wasted transaction and deposit fees by sending 0.01 ETH only #FeelsBadMan


8) I did a 2nd deposit of 0.05 Ether to be safe this time. 30 confirmations later I had my new deposit registered by - so I have now a total of 0.06 sitting in my account. 

9) I selected the market for ETH-LRC and bought the maximum amount of LRC for my 0.06 ETH - approx 350 LRC tokens. 

10) I was able to spot my trade in my order history straight away, took a screenshot and uploaded it to imgur (free image file hosting platform). 

11) Just for the sake of the experience, I traded my LRC back to ETH and started a withdrawal process back to my Metamask wallet. For each withdrawal request, will charge 0.002 Ether.


So I confirmed the withdrawal request, paid the withdrawal fee plus the gas fee and since then I am still waiting for my ETH being processed. By clicking on the history of my withdrawals a little notification let me know that they do their payments in batches and it can take up to 12 hours (!) to receive a withdrawal. 

To sum up my experience I refer to Etherscan:


*Update* I just received the withdrawal payment about 40 minutes later: 


So let us put together the facts: 

- I did a deposit of 0.06 Ether and by trading ETH to LRC and LRC back to ETH I lost 0.00047159 Ether (~0.082765 $USD)

- I paid a total of 0.0057 Ether (~1.00 $USD) in fees to 

- I paid a total of 0.0042954839 Ether (~ 0,753482 $USD) in gas transaction fees. 

So by qualifying for the 5$ in LRC that will give me a little bit more than 3$ for this exercise.


Now it is up to you if you like to do the same and be one of the first 40 participants doing the first trade on - hopefully, this articles helps you to make a decision. 

Stay safe!






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