CAUTION: Do NOT use Dapper Chrome Extension

CAUTION: Do NOT use Dapper Chrome Extension

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 8 Jan 2020

So, what is Dapper (

Making a long story short: It is similar to MetaMask. Literally, it is another crypto smart wallet coming as an add-on in your browser. The integrated smart contract system allows developers to utilize Dapper as a wallet - think of Cryptokitties.

I noticed Dapper for the first time many weeks ago through a crypto gaming newsletter. Dapper was promoted in co-operation with a new crypto game. So I thought let’s give it a try.


What is different about Dapper?

Two things which are very unique when it comes to using Dapper. Using Dapper on multiple devices is painful. There is no easy way to use Dapper on multiple devices. As soon as you install Dapper on a 2nd device like your computer at work or a 2nd device in general and try logging on to your account, you have to grant access to this device through the Dapper extension from the Dapper dashboard where you have installed the app initially. This 'security' feature never made sense to me. How am I supposed to logon to my computer at home just to grant myself to Dapper on another device???

However, in this case you can make use of the recovery function. Recovering your Dapper account requires to use a RESCUE KIT. This is a pdf file which you should download straight after installation. Recovering the account is well described in the manual so it pretty much works like this: Pointing to the Rescue Kit file. And waiting for the Dapper servers to respond to restore your account. Once it is done you receive an email that recovery completed successfully. Sounds ok, but here is my story.


My experience with an account recovery:

Two days ago I decided to jump into this crypto game again after I haven’t played for weeks. Therefore, I re-installed Dapper and voila I had to recover my Dapper account first as my Dapper ETH address is assigned to this crypto game account. I selected my rescue kit file and started the recovery process (see image below):




While this image was still showing I received two emails from Dapper telling me that my account recovery was completed successfully. I waited…waited…waited…after more than two hours I thought: Well, recovery was completed (written proof via email) so maybe this extension or my browser crashed. FAQs said, even if the browser crashes during the recovery Dapper should reopen and continue with the recovery. Re-opened my browser, still no progress…so I reinstalled the Dapper extension. Dapper app was responsive again, but my login was still blocked by Dapper and the app pretty much asked me to restore my account again. I tried to point to my existing rescue kit – FAIL (not valid anymore). I ended up contacting the support. Bottom line, writing back and forth, that is the result:


"If you have already uninstalled the extension, unfortunately, your new Rescue Kit won't be able to be generated. At this point, the account is no longer accessible. I apologize for the inconvenience."

Seriously? Well, that didn't go as expected. Why did I receive an email then that recovery was completed successully? If they would have been able to help when the extension has remained in this crashed condition, who knows...


Imagine I would have used Dapper for Cryptokitties and would have lost a Gen0 kitty just like this. Sorry, but that is a no go. Therefore, I can’t see any benefit using Dapper over MetaMask and highly recommend to stay away from Dapper.

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