Bitcoin Is Making Regulators Nervous.

Bitcoin Is Making Regulators Nervous.

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 14 Jan 2021

ECB's Lagarde calls for regulating Bitcoin's "funny business" - The truth is: regulators secretly hate Bitcoin. They are trying to over-regulate it to hinder & slow it's use & adoption. They are trying to subtly undermine it. They continue to tell the public Bitcoin will allow criminal activity - all the while, they continue to rob us. They are a bunch of liars & hypocrites; listen to them talk about their plans for CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies). They're selling it like it's Bitcoin; it's the complete opposite - they will NEVER be like Bitcoin. Only imbeciles will remain loyal to these currencies. All you'll be doing is accepting more theft & far less freedom. Each & every person on this planet has an option. Bitcoin is a saving grace for humanity - Few understand.

If they wanted to kill Bitcoin, they should have done it 10 years ago. It's far too late now, Bitcoin is the clear victor (The price should give you a hint). Everyday, Bitcoin becomes stronger in some way shape or form. Dystopian regulations (for maximum predatory taxation) will only last so long. Eventually the masses will wake up. Eventually they will rebel. In a Bitcoin-circular-economy with no borders or jurisdictions, enforcing taxation will only become more costly. We are at a turning point in civilization, the people are coming to take back the power. No regulation can stop what's coming. 

There is no "funny business" when it comes to Bitcoin, it's regulated by math, not by a small group of corrupt individuals next to the money printer. Bitcoin is the fairest & best form of money on the planet; the elites are just trying to protect their power & control. They will be forced to buy Bitcoin at some point or risk losing the wealth they currently have. Hopefully by then we have convinced most of the good & honest individuals to buy it first. Bitcoin is fuck you money. It is a tool for the people; to take back decades of stolen time & energy, but in the most ethical way possible. It's called a tax burden for a reason, it's modern day slavery. They are inflating all are hopes & dreams away, further concentrating the wealth into the hands of the 1%. 

You are working more for less, your boss is becoming more of an asshole, your holidays & leisure is becoming more expense. Inflation, debt, stimulus, QE, bailouts they are all a form of taxation. They are all extra pressure on our lives. Taxation without your permission. All of it is forced. You are getting severely ripped off. Government is the main reason we're broke, the main reason societies are falling apart. Governments are meant to provide protection services, they are doing the exact opposite. The cold hard truth: they don't care about you. This is evident in how the money works. You have to take matters into your own hands now - Bitcoin is still extremely cheap in the grand scheme of things. It's can still be bought with dollars, people are still silly enough to sell it. Eventually you won't be able to buy it, you'll have to earn it. Seize the opportunity. The people will chose Bitcoin over government money. This is inevitable. 

Politicians aren't incentivized to care. They are elected for a very small amount of time. They only care about how good they look during their term. In a Bitcoin world, there are incentives for everyone to be honest, responsible & hard working. The correct people reap the rewards. Not whoever is at the top of the pyramid in the boys club. In a fiat world, the rich get richer at the poor's expense. Bitcoin is financial equality - everyone from the poorest to the richest is on an level playing field. Getting off zero, everyone starts the race on the same line at birth. 

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