Demystifying the true Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto: Part 2

By everestbits | bitcoin | 25 Feb 2019

Dr. Craig an Australian computer scientist and nChain’s chief scientist came out in 2015/6 claiming that he was Satoshi Nakamoto in a BBC broadcast. The community tasked him to sign a transaction using the same key that Nakamoto used in his first transaction to Hal. However, Craig has since declined saying it’s not necessary and proof of work will be his only way of proving his ‘Satoshiness’ (If I must call it). Gavin Andersen (whom Nakamoto gave edit rights to Bitcoin core) come out claiming that he had had a private meeting with Dr. Craig upon which Craig signed a transaction with  Nakamoto’s first transaction key and that he(Gavin) was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Dr.Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Andrew O'Hagan,an editor at the London Review also came out in June 2016 saying that after meeting with Dr. Craig, he was convinced that Craig was Satoshi. Andrew followed this with a review, The Satoshi Affair



Let’s be logical here…

Nick neither mentions Dave Kleiman nor Dr. Craig. Hal Finney in his 2013 post on bitcointalk titled `bitcoin and me`.   


also neither mentions Dr. Craig nor Dave. But however, Dr. Craig mentions both Dave and Hal in his story. In Craig’s email exchange with Dave before bitcoin got released, he seems to seek Dave’s technical help in Bitcoin’s development and this goes on to the release of the white paper. 190903265-fc0877683dcec786778634dc516c7f0d4498734cb5ffdc2bb7969e3f9bf749b9.png


 Craig is fond of using smart people to achieve his ambitions and to me, this could have been one of them (Wait I just didn’t name him Satoshi, not yet!). Dave told his family before his passing that he had been working on a `digital currency` with a wealthy foreign  man and of course Craig is wealthy, no doubt. 


On Craig’s interview on a BBC broadcast, he really looked nervous and this can’t be by mistake. The Craig we know is over confident and a Burger of sorts. His nervousness during that broadcast could mean that he was either afraid or skeptical of the outcome. I personally agree with Andrew O’Hagan’s comments on that interview.

 If Craig had planned it to convince the world, he would have certainly appeared more confident than he did. By the fact that he was less than that, further proves how real he was (personal opinion).


In Feb 2018, Dave Kleiman’s brother Ira sued Craig Wright for allegedly stealing over 1.1 million bitcoins from Dave’s estate after he passed away by draining these coins to himself. I read the filled case and well, not all claims can be ascertained but I believe by the time this case is closed, we could have the Satoshi Puzzle solved because at this point, I would bet on the two, one being Satoshi.

Watch out for Part 3

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