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Dark Web And Bitcoin

Scammers Are Selling Blood And Saliva From Covid-19 Survivor With Brave Coin😷😷😷

By Atia99 | Bitcoin trading investments | 27 Apr 2020

Hello guys I want to to tell you something that I have seen that Scammers on Darker web or selling a very high Amount of money with the saliva and also the blood of the Covid-19 Survivor Patients. And that is just been a very very bad news for both us.

what is Dark Web???

so yeh first question is that what is dark web. And I will say that it is a deepest part of the web where all crimes can be possible. And it has been very very dangerous for us. And so will say that it is been too much dangerous for both of us. And also this is been do much depressed that where all crimes are being possible. And thus this is just been not a good.


So this is the main question that why people are going to that sites. And I will suggest them that they should not try this site. And this site is also been one of the dangerous things to do here.

How To Access Dark Web???

the the question is that how to access this site.

 And I will say that it can be being accepted and access through the tar browser and that runs at a very low speed. And also this is the thing that we can be able to login to through the special type to addresses and thus we can be able to do our best takes. And so that this can Also been accepted through this.

Why People are Going To Dark Web???

So this the main thing that why they are being going to that site. And j will say that this is enough reason that they have been doing their own world of works. and also sit sht they're might be able to theirs best takes.

 And for example, if someone wants to to be able to stand for the Hacking if someone account than it might go to that man and hence they will go to the dark web and might hack then the other account. And thus they are getting benefits by paying attentions here.

Covid-19 Case???

So there are also Scammers that they are getting slot of money so that they can sell fake types of the Blood and also serum and thus I will say that they might be able to to get their own money. And hence this is being more dangerous in these conditions. And people are also giving them the 1000 dollars to 50000 dollars for these serum and also blood for these survives people. And I will say that this is being more and more dangerous for them.

  • And also I will not just be able to try this. and that is fucking not a great thing .

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Bitcoin trading investments
Bitcoin trading investments

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