Dark Web Hackers Stole 25 Million Dollars During Covid-19 Pademic (Hot News)
Dark web and Crypto currency

Dark Web Hackers Stole 25 Million Dollars During Covid-19 Pademic (Hot News)

By Atia99 | Bitcoin trading investments | 25 Apr 2020

Hello Guys As you know that Bitcoin is just a main key to the Dakrnet. And this is because it has a full access to the privacy syestem. And I will say that it is a reason that hackers and Scamers are always being to just track the innocent people.

And so that as I want to say that Bitcoin and been just trading above the 7600 dollars as I am writing. And as you can just see above. And hence this is the main reason here. And so that I will say that we should have to just pass this.

And so you have seen that Halving is also a near and that is because if the facts that it just been dropped too much.  And also I will say that I am hoping to going to a hot news and that you will see.

 As I was seeing that Dark web is just been a site where there are people full to crimes. And also I have seen that Scammers are Just been making a hot money here. And 


And so that this is because when a main reason of loosing such a hot money here.


this is the main reason that we have just lost such a hot amount of money here. As when people are buying a fake Corona vaccine and thus they have been just victims of this. And also that they are paying almost 10000 dollars per a vaccine and though this is a fake vaccine. And also there are countries that are being just making a hot money here by doing so.


And also there is a list of country that are buying this type of fake types of crypto money here.

1) USA










And so that you can see that there are people that have been victims to these people and I will say that this is the main reason behind this.

2) New People In Dark Web:-

i have also sent that there are just been new people to the dark web and that these peoples are a way that we have been loosing such a hot amount of money here.

And also this is because they want to go to the dark web. And I will just been suggest them not to go to the dark web.

And also there are been privacy coins that can just go that shit. And I will just suggest them and that these should not go to them. And also so that they have been victims to them.

3) Hackers In Dark Web:-

there are almost a big types of the Hackers that are the people that are making people too much abuse and so that they can just do anything with them. And I will just been prefer to them that they should be able to hack their documents and so that they are making offer to get the hit money here. And so that it will be a reaoson behind them that they have lost Almost Such a Hot amount of money here.




So I will say that we should just avoid dark web and thus use for the posting positive uses. And still this is the main reason behind this. And so that this is hit reason behind this.




I am a student that I can also know about little bit but about the blogging. And it is still nice for me to work here.

Bitcoin trading investments
Bitcoin trading investments

I am a blogger and I am just interested in the Blockchain technology.

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