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Ruta >> An Ultimate Cure from Cervical Spondylosis >>> Homeopathy

Hello Everyone,

Today's topic is very common to all. Every second person is found in this problem these days. Whatever the cause of Cervical Spondylosis in you, remedy is, believe me, very simple.

I had, 

  • numbness in my full arm
  •  continuous neck pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • morning sickness
  • pain in spine
  • throbbing pain in a specific area of my arm

These and many other inter-related symptoms occurred when I was experiencing Cervical Spondylosis. I had to spend 7 years of suffering with this problem. Problem silently started when one day the cabinet of my kitchen accidentally dropped on my poor shoulder which disturbed three discs from my spine. At that time I was totally unaware of that anaconda type problem.

  The most important thing was that Blood flow was disturbed in my nerves and clots were formulated, this caused a list of inter-related problems inside my body.

That accident brought great changes in my life, as a mother and as a teacher my duty my duties were doubled but my right full arm was numb and unable to hold anything. That happened early in the morning and as you know my routine was tough. I tried many doctors and many types of exercises but perfect cure was none. It is my good luck that I found Ruta during my study of Homeopathy. I applied it on the base of first and foremost because my work demands a perfect body.

At this time I did not wait and told my husband about this medicine so that he may purchase it. I took it frequently with

  • two hours gap in the first month
  • then five times a day, in another month
  • then three times a day, in the next month

You all can take full benefit from this remedy.

I just write about my actual experiences, any one can take advantage.  

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