DAOventures: When ETF Meets DeFi

By xuanling11 | Crypto Learning | 17 Jan 2022

DAOventures is a DeFi ETF Index Fund for fund managers and crypto investors. The products have many strategies to gain profits for investors who may not have specialized in the investment background or professionals who manage funds.


DAOventures is DeFi ETF Index Fund for fund managers and crypto investors. Through the investment strategies they offer, it allows everyone to participate in DeFi and provide a viable investment solution for every participant.


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What is DeFi

The goal of DeFi is to eliminate third party’s involvement in the economic transaction. It helps to eliminate fees from financial institutions, help users become custodians of their own assets, no need for approval to provide accessible financial products, and transfer funds within a second or less. But more importantly, it makes customers profit through cryptocurrencies rising and improving the financial products. 


Crypto ETF + DeFi = DAOventures 

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is a type of security that tracks indexes or other assets. It is considered one of the safest investment strategies because it diversifies the investment through weighted risks. DAOventures adopted the idea of an ETF and applied it to cryptocurrencies. The crypto investment spread out risks through different strategic weights. And advantages of owning an ETF are diversification with low fees while gaining a steady rate of returns. On contrary, owning crypto assets may expose a greater risk when the market goes down. DAOventures wants to expose both risks and steady rewards through not only including cryptocurrencies that have high risks and high rewards characters but through DeFi to provide better high yield returns that consistently outperform the stock market. With the combination of ETF and DeFi, DAOventures can further reduce future risks with unique investment strategies to determine the profitable routes for investors.


DAO Citadel


DAO Citadel is one of DAOventure’s ETF investment strategies. Compared with the traditional market-weighted index strategy which may provide a consistent gain of profits but a lowly and steady way, DAO Citadel can achieve the same safety level of investment with higher returns. With the distribution of the weights between Bitcoin (45%), Ethereum (35%), Ethereum-based Altcoins (15%), and Stablecoins (5%), the strategy also auto compounds yield farming rewards to enhance the profits investors contributed through a platform like SushiSwap. Investors can not only enjoy the gain through holding crypto assets when the price appreciates, but they can also enjoy the yield farming incentives DeFi can provide to. 

In Conclusion

DAOventures is an investment strategy that utilizes DeFi and ETF while providing more accessible investment opportunities and helps every participant to join investment to determine their own financial future.


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Crypto Learning

All article was written by a delusional author who is possibly a nut job without any questions whatsoever about expertise in the subject matters.

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