Las Vegas' New Weed Hotel

Las Vegas is known to most people as the place to go to let your hair down and participate in activities that you may not otherwise do in your regular life. While Sin City has been the place to turn to for those who enjoy gambling and other activities, having a cannabis-friendly hotel may take it a step too far.

The Lexi, due to open today, June 2nd, is a new type of hotel that is being introduced to the Las Vegas area. The question remains whether or not this new weed hotel is on the verge of breaking Nevada state laws.

Do you want to learn more about this new type of hotel hitting The Strip in Las Vegas? Keep reading to find out more.


What is The Lexi?

The Lexi is Las Vegas’s newest hotel that is due to open in early June that will give guests a new way to let their hair down. This hotel, owned and operated by Elevations Hotels and Resorts, will be the first cannabis-friendly hotel in Sin City.

The CEO, Alexander Riszk, states that this 64-room hotel has been designed as a one-of-a-kind experience for adults only. The requirement for staying at The Lexi is that you have to be 21 years old before you can rent a room.

The hotel CEO also states that the only catch to the ability to smoke weed on the property is that it has to be done within the walls of a fourth-floor room. This is because the entire fourth floor of the hotel has been decked out with an air filtration system that specializes in advanced cell oxidation.

As reported, the air filtration system along with the rest of the state-of-the-art hotel features are designed to mitigate the effects of the weed smell. This means that guests in other rooms should not be affected by the marijuana smoke that is being used by fourth-floor residents.

While The Lexi is promoted as a cannabis-friendly hotel, it is important to note that while this is true, it is also limited. This means that smoking weed is not allowed in any other part of the hotel other than the designated room and will not have a weed lounge for guests.

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What are Some of the Amenities at The Lexi?

In addition to the hotel being the first weed hotel located in Las Vegas, the boutique environment will also feature many amenities that most guests will appreciate. With state-of-the-art designs throughout the building, The Lexi may have something for everyone.

The hotel will feature a Cajun-inspired steakhouse that will be operated by Chef Jordan Savell, who was the winner of Hell’s Kitchen in season 19. The Lexi will also feature a new and improved Artisan Bar and Lounge just right for those who want to relax.

Between the Lexi Pool, a lobby that has been redesigned for live entertainment and comfort, and the ability to walk up to a cafe for a drink or even breakfast, The Lexi will have it all. For many guests, especially those who are looking for a unique experience that includes the ability to smoke weed in their rooms, this may be the best place to stay in Sin City.

Where is The Lexi Located?

The newest hotel in Las Vegas, The Lexi, is located in the Arts District just a few minutes away from The Strip. The location on Sahara Ave is that of the former Artisan Hotel that closed down due to foreclosure in 2010 before it was remodeled and open only for private events. 

The Elevations Group purchased the building with the idea of bringing to Sin City a new idea for travelers who also embrace the cannabis lifestyle. The CEO states that the ability to smoke weed in the hotel opens the door to accepting and normalizing the lifestyle.

The Lexi, located on Sahara Ave, is just down the street from The Palace Station, which is the only other main hotel and casino in the area. This means that while The Lexi is not the only place to stay in the area, they provide a unique experience that some travelers may embrace.

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Does a Weed Hotel Violate Nevada State Laws?

One of the biggest questions concerning the opening of this newest hotel in the Las Vegas area is whether or not they are violating Nevada state laws. While there are laws in place surrounding the consumption of weed in the state, so the question remains.

According to Nevada state laws, the consumption of cannabis is legal for anyone that is 21 years of age or older. However, there is a stipulation that weed cannot be consumed in any public place within the state.

The argument that is currently surrounding The Lexi is whether or not a hotel room is considered to be public or private property. While the hotel in and of itself is privately owned, it is a public setting, meaning that it allows the public to stay within the building.

Some law professionals say that owning a business such as a hotel means that the property is for public use. This means that there is a question as to whether or not a rented hotel room is considered private or public and whether or not it is suitable for cannabis consumption.

It is also important to keep in mind that Nevada state law also states that a business cannot have a cannabis lounge within 1500 feet of a casino. The Lexi does not offer gambling, which might be a bummer to some of the patrons coming to the city to gamble. There is also some debate as The Palace Station is within that 1500 feet of The Lexi...supposedly the hotel has a work around to this, but whether or not it is within the law is currently unclear. 

Overall, whether or not a weed hotel violates Nevada state laws will depend on the definition of public versus private. This could end up being a case of semantics and is up to the Nevada authorities to determine whether or not the hotel or its customers will be violating the law. 

While the hotel is slated to open today, this question of legality has not yet been solved, meaning we aren’t sure whether or not the hotel will be able to remain open under the eyes of Nevada Law. So, if you are coming just for weed smoking purposes, perhaps don’t book a room just yet. 

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