Mining Monero 2020

Mining Monero 2020

By CryptoNetwork | Bitcoin Maximalism | 18 Feb 2020


     The Cryptocurrency market is progressing constantly, it's a new way to generate incomes, usually everything is regarding the Blockchain and everyday this technology is used to encrypt the cryptocurrencies operations, that's why many miners are working hard to mine this crypto specially Monero a cryptonote based currency.


     Monero is one of the main coins that you can mine in your computer, you can use Windows, Linux or Mac, only thing you need is to read this guide to start. We must know that all the crypto currencies are using different code chains and the way to get it is different for each one, everytime the power of the mining equipment's is changing and adapting to the new algorithms that's why some of this machines can stop being profitable in short time.

     Monero is one of the best crypto currencies for mining, it's easy to mine from common computers and graphic cards GPU, what makes possible that every person your or me or someone else are allowed to get benefits of the crypto mining business.

     Monero has silently going up in price, what make it more attractive for the professional miners and newbies as well. Differing from other crypto Monero still can be yours trough your CPU, what means that your PC can make you earn some extra money. Monero depends of Prof of Work to be able to generate an distribute consensus.



     The first you will need is a Monero wallet where you can storage your mined coins. Monero offers a free solution trough his official website 

anyway there several places where you can get an Monero Wallet, JAXX, EXODUS or XAPO. You must register in any platform you choose and remember to save your account key. It has an only ID and this will be your wallet address, keep in a secure place.


  • Nanopool (RECOMMENDED)
  • MineXMR
  • XMRPool
  • SupportXMR

   The tree last ones from the list are specialists in Monero mining, you can find an completely guide here, in this website you can find all the available software to mine XMR.

in this guide we gonna use SupportXMR that is one of the most easiest to use:


    As we can find many mining Monero communities, there are also many software available to mine XMR. In this case I choose the most easiest and intuitive, so in this way you can configure it in less than ten minutes and start to mine Monero.

The software to use is XMR-Stak and is availablefor download in Github. It's possible that your antivirus identifiy the software as a Malware, in that case you should white listed against your antivirus software.


    The next step will be to configure XMR-Stak to start mining Monero, with everything already installed in your hard drive you should execute the file "xmr-stak.exe"

A command prompt windows will be open (CMD), the program itself will ask you a couple of questions:

  • Currency: 'monero' or 'aeon' obvious answer monero of course and press enter.
  • Pool Address: You must answer the web server address of your pool. For example:
  • Username: You must type your wallet address, the address were you received your coins
  • Password: type x and hit enter, or just hit enter without typing nothing
  • Does this pool port support TLS/SSL? Is asking  you if your pool has any SSL certificate. You should answer 'Y' for Yes and "N' for No. The program warning you that if you dont know better type "N" and hit Enter.
  • Do you want to use Nicehash? You should no 'N'
  • Do you want to use multiple pools? Answer 'N'

After it the program XMR-Stak will automatically start to mine from your windows PC, and that's all what you need to do.


Once you know that your program is running correctly, you can go to your mining pool and choose:

  • for SupportXMR
  • for Nanopool.

In the right corner will be an field that say Address, type there your Monero address and if everything is working fine will show you all the important data related to your miner: Power last 24 Hours, your Monero balance and the balance that has still to be verified in the Blockchain.

With all this you're ready to start mining Monero, what are you waiting for?



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