How to mine Verus Coin

How to mine Verus Coin

By CryptoNetwork | Bitcoin Maximalism | 17 Feb 2020

Hi Guys today we're gonna learn how to start mining VerusCoin VRSC, Verus empowers individuals around the world and is developed in the Komodo Platform his CPU mining is very profitable, I could say is one of the best Crypto currencies to be mine with CPU.

So first what we will gonna need is a powerful CPU, you can always use of course i5 and i7 Microprocessors but my suggestion is to use AMD Ryzen much more profitable and best performance than the other ones.

To Start Mining Veruscoin it's important to register first in the pool you'll gonna mine I will suggest you Luckpool

after registering next step will be to download the NHEQMINER they have it for Windows and Linux as well, the way to configure it for Windows and Linux differs a little bit.

You will also need to download a wallet, I will suggest the Agama Veruscoin Wallet and you can download here configure the wallet in Lite Mode because in Native needs to download all the block-chain and that will take longer, really longer so better option is go for Native Mode.

After you set up your wallet and got register on the pool, it's important to write down your Verus Coin Wallet address and of course remember alway to do the back up of your seed and keep in a safety place.

For Linux users:

  • Download and Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or 19 version is good too.
  • execute following commands to update the system with: sudo apt-get update 
  • After update the system create a folder in home directory: mkdir vrsc 
  • Now we gonna download the miner software: wget
  • After Download the file we need to unzip: tar xvf nheqminer-Linux-v0.8.0.tar.gz
  • After that we gonna configure the file ./
  • Move to the next folder nheqminer -> cd nheqminer 
  • Already in the folder execute: nano and set the following parameters
  • @set
    @set Port=3956
    @set PublicVerusCoinAddress=REt1UCv8mrijFkSPnSRbk9UiRqTHkWaFtR (Change it for your Wallet Address)
    @set Threads=8
  • after the configuration please execute the miner: ./

Hope this can help you to sort out how to start mining Verus Coin, at this moment I will only cover Linux but in a next post I will be talking about how to set up the miner for Windows.


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