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To invest in 2020, many products available to you: financial investments, retirement savings, rental property investment ... but also crypto currencies. Even in high-risk, continuous virtual currency to attract investors who bet on a market capitalization rose in 2020. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ripple: Tacotax helps you find what crypto currency is the most promising in 2020 to invest .


Bitcoin is otherwise known cryptomonnaie cryptographic currency. In the case of unit name, it is written "bitcoin" and, in the case of the payment system peer-to-peer is written "Bitcoin".

Inception Date: January 3, 2009

Sub-Unit: 1/100 000 000 satoshi

Stock Symbol: BTC XBT

Founder: Satoshi Nakamoto

Dollar price: ~ 11,000


Ethereum is a decentralized exchange protocol for the creation by intelligent contract users through a Turing-complete language. These intelligent contracts are based on a data protocol to verify or enforce a mutual agreement.

Creator: Vitalik Buterin

Original release date: July 30, 2015

Creation date: 20 July 2015

Sub-Unit: one hundred millionth Gwei, 10-18 Wei

Programmed in Go, Rust, C #, C ++, Solidity, Java, Python

Price in euro: ~335.09


Litecoin is an electronic money distributed under a free license, inspired and technically similar to Bitcoin. Litecoin can run the same software "mining" as bitcoin. Each litecoin is divided into one hundred million smaller units, defined by eight decimal places.

Creator: Charles Lee

Inception Date: October 7, 2011

Stock Symbol: LTC

Sub-Unit: one hundred millionth litoshi

Dollar price: 54.07


Dogecoin is cryptocurrency with a Shiba Inu dog image meme of "Doge" logo. Presented as a joke 6 December 2013, the Dogecoin quickly developed its own online community and reached a market capitalization of $ 60 million in January 2014

Creation date: 6 December 2013 (6 years)

Creator: Billy Markus, Jackson Palmer

Programming language C ++

The course Dogecoin (DOGE) Today is US $ 0.00346839 with a trading volume in 24h of 187 875 369 $ US.


Bitcoin Cash is a way cryptocurrency Bitcoin. As its name intends BCH it wants to be a version for much more cheaply by transactionc block BTC, branching off of the Bitcoin protocol 1ᵉʳ August 2017.

Creation date: 1 August 2017

Sub-Unit: one hundred millionth BCH = 1 satoshi

Creator: Amaury Séchet

Stock Symbol: BCH, BCC

The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today is $ 279.62 with a trading volume of 24h to 2,855,684 US $ 798. The course was down -2.8% over the past 24 hours. This cryptocurrency has an outstanding offer of 18 million units and a maximum offering of 21 million units. Currently, the most active market in which this cryptocurrency trades is Binance. To find the addresses and transactions, you can use blocks of explorers such as , bch.tokenview.com and bch.btc.com. Additional information is available a www.bitcoincash.org/

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Bitcoin legit site and bot
Bitcoin legit site and bot

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