Bitcoin Gambling and the Future of Online Casinos

Bitcoin and Gambling

It is no surprise that the online gambling industry fully embraces Bitcoin, it is a perfect payment mechanism that adds great value to online gamblers by offering the perks of fast deposits and withdrawals, more security and some degree of anonymity. What makes Bitcoin effective in online gambling is its divsibility. The smallest unit in Bitcoin is called a satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) which enable micro-transactions that traditional payment methods cannot achieve.

Online Crypto Casinos do not differ much from traditional casinos, you can still find:

  • Regular Slots & JackPot Slots
  • Sports & eSports Betting
  • Traditional Casino Games such as: BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hi-Lo, Dice
  • Live Games & Many More

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Casinos built on DApps

Dapp which is an abbreviation for Decentralized App is an emerging trend that modern crypto casinos have started embracing, it allows their back-end code to run on a decentralized network using smart contracts and cryptocurrency, which enables a fully transparent and trust-less gambling experience. Earnbet Casino has been a pioneer in building a fully decentralized casino on the EOS and WAX Blockchain.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

With cryptocurrencies, it has become much easier and more convenient for online gamblers to satisfy their needs.

Users can now benefit and enjoy their gambling experience without any KYC verification, they can take advantage from fast, transparent transactions and negligible fees. Blockchain technology made it possible to have casino games that are 100% provably fair where players can verify each roll which eliminates any trust issues.

While gambling can be a thrilling experience and winning big is not something far-fetched, the experience can also become a nightmare, since not all online casinos are trustworthy. The crypto ecosystem is like the wild west, there are many scammers, fraudsters and cheaters that lurk in this industry and there is a big possibility of encountering a bitcoin casino that is a total scam.

The Bitcoin Gambling industry is a vast one, there is no such thing as the best bitcoin casino since there are many professional crypto casinos that are up to very high standards, here are a few tips that you can rely on before making your decision on picking a crypto casino:

  • Casinos History, some age like fine wine others barely survive months in.
  • License: If a casino is licensed and regulated, it makes it much more trustworthy
  • Bonuses: Do they offer welcome bonuses? Or other interesting promotional offers? ( Always check their terms and services)
  • Casinos Online Reputation; Are they paying their users ? Are players complaining about their services?
  • Security: Being Crypto only is not sufficient to be considered fully secured. Does it use HTTPS? is 2FA included?
  • Provably Fair Games: Even though most reputable gaming providers use a computational algorithm that is designed to generate a random sequence of rolls, choosing games that are provably fair ensures that randomization is at 100% since it can be manually verified.
  • Variety of Games: Prior your deposit make sure that the casino has a fair and varied amount of games


Rule Number One is to Gamble Responsibly and have Fun! :)

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bitcoin gambling crypto  casino
bitcoin gambling crypto casino

BitGamble is a bitcoin gambling & crypto casino review platform. You will find the latest bitcoin casino reviews. We are a group of analysts, crypto and betting enthusiasts that monitor cryptocurrency betting platforms and the bitcoin gambling industry.

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