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My first blog post . Come join me on my crypto ride.

By samsip | bitcoin for newbies | 2 May 2021

Hi everyone,

            I'm samsip. Nice to e-meet you all..  Thanks to publish0x for letting me share my thoughts with you, I know you will find it all helpful.

A little about me. I have worked in the IT space for over 20 years now, showing my age! My role is a technical consultant when it comes to network and application performance over the internet, from consumers to employees across the globe. I wont bore you with more details, but know that I'm an experienced techie and have been working with computers for years.

I also have an Economics degree and am quite careful and conscientious when it comes to finances. So when I started out with crypto I made a vow to never spend any money directly on it. Everything I have earnt/gained from the crypto world has come from not directly buying any coins. My aim is to show you how, so you can join me in growing without spending.

Many years ago, when it was possible to mine bitcoin satoshi using a standard pc, I was sceptical about where bitcoin could go. So, in hindsight, and my biggest regret, I stopped mining!  As it started becoming popular again, I started mining again, using a usb miner, but that just didn't work well enough. I then found many other ways of building crypto through spending some time, having some patience, and not expecting to be a millionaire over night.

So what I plan to do here is to explain to you in detail how I started, how I built up my crypto portfolio, and then work together with you to take us into the future.   As I said, it takes patience and some of your time, but that's it. You'll end up with free crypto for nothing.

I currently have BTC, ETH, KCS, CRO, XYO and ADA, and it total it is 1000s of pounds in value. All built up from nothing and without buying any directly.

So, please follow me and enjoy the ride.

BTW, I did write another blog but here at publish0x the audience is much more suitable.

Thank you for reading and listing, I'll post again in a couple of days describing where I started (outside of mining), using the grandfather of all faucets. I'll describe what a faucet is, and talk you through the pros and cos. 

If you want to take a peak at what I am talking about, have a read by clicking here.   This is by far the oldest and best bitcoin faucet out there. 

The other topics I will go over in time are as follows:

Faucets (manual and auto)

Crypto exchanges

Crypto wallets

getting referrals

the many different currencies

and more.


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Been in Crypto for many years, have been mining, fauceting and so much more to build up a nice portfolio !

bitcoin for newbies
bitcoin for newbies

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