Tracking your Uniswap Liquidity Investments with UniswapROI

By Bitcoin Faucets | Bitcoin Faucets | 9 Feb 2020

Following on from my last post on DefiSnap, a portal that gives you an overview of all of your defi investments, there is another analytics tools thats pretty incredible if you are dipping your toes in the Defi waters.

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange that allows you to convert one ethereum token directly for another, without all the hassle (and fees) of swapping the token you want to trade into a major coin, then out again into the token that you want.  This is achieved through liquidity pools which anyone can add to.  You simply add one of your tokens and an equivalent amount of eth, and they are then swapped at the market value. So if your token rises in value compared with eth, you get more eth and less token; if your token falls you end up more token and less eth.  The nice part is that you get a proportionate share of the uniswap fees for providing this liquidity.

UniswapROI tracks the investments made in those liquidity pools, showing you how much eth and token you originally provided, and how much you now have, as well as the fees generated.  The fees that you get are highly dependent on trading volume and the amount of liquidity already in the pool, and UniswapROI also has some guides predicting which are likely to be the most profitable pools based on the amount of liquidity already provided and the volume of trade.

While DefiSnap gives you a simple oversight to allow you to track your uniswap investments, UniswapROI gives you the tools to really drill down into the details and choose where the best investments are to be made, and the details of the returns on the liquidity that you have already provided. 

UniswapROI is an essential tool for anyone who is thinking about providing liquidity with uniswap.

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