New Developments from BOMB Token

By Bitcoin Faucets | Bitcoin Faucets | 16 Jul 2019

Since its launch a few months back, BOMB token has been making substantial waves.  The first deflationary currency where 1% of every transaction is burned generated enormous excitement and has spawned multiple copycats.

The BOMB team are back with a new announcement.  They are launching an incubator for cryptocurrency projects onto the BINANCE chain.  Holders of BOMB will be automatically airdropped the new BOMBX token, in a ratio of 1:25.  The aim is to provide an alternative to the ICO model used prominently to raise capital in the cryptocurrency sphere.

BOMBX is anew exploratory incubator to enable people to launch their ideas into the world with no upfront capital. In three steps, we provide teams and individuals the connections, consulting, and the community they need to take their new or existing projects to the next level. 

Projects accepted into the incubator receive:

  • Technical support and guidance
  • Tokenomic audit and advisory
  • Legal guidance and incorporation
  • Connections to necessary partners
  • Possible funding in the form of $BOMBX

Probably the best known incubator in the crypto world at the moment is Y Combinator, and this seems to be the primary target at which BOMBX is aiming with this comparative graphic on their website.


Holders of BombX tokens receive airdropped tokens from the projects that emerge from the BombX incubator, providing an ongoing passive stream of airdrops from projects developed by a team with proven experience in innovation and marketing.

Bomb looks like one to watch!

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